Shelby Kim and Logan Grubb are Program Organizers at Urban Rural Action. Shelby lives in Philadelphia and Logan lives in Gettysburg in Adams County, PA. They are both involved in Uniting for Action: Pennsylvania, a non-partisan initiative led by Urban Rural Action to build connections and take joint action to address community challenges across distance and difference in Pennsylvania. Read more »

03 November 2020

Violent conflict is on the rise in the United States. Black Americans and people of color continue to bear the brunt of this violence and injustice. Peace Direct, The Bail Project, Activate Labs, +Peace, and The Mary Hoch Center for Reconciliation invited local activists, changemakers, organizers, healers, and peacebuilders to a conversation on racism and justice in the United States. This report presents the key findings and recommendations developed from the consultation. Read more »

22 October 2020

Our local peacebuilding expert, Sawssan Abou-Zahr, shares more stories and reflections about what really happened the night of the August 4th blast in Beirut. Her insights shed light on the aftermath, the suspicious fires that have happened ever since and the growing need for accountability. Read more »

15 October 2020


Talking to a brick wall

In this article, local peacebuilding expert in Colombia Lina María Jaramillo explores the role of dialogue in building peace, and why it's needed now more than ever. Read more »

25 November 2020

What local peacebuilders can teach us about preventing electoral violence

We are living through what Sri Lankan peacebuilder Dishani Jayaweera has called “one of the most challenging moments of human evolution.” With a global pandemic and the U.S. experiencing one of the most contentious election cycles in recent history, who would disagree? Read more »

30 October 2020

Le coup d’Etat au Mali et son impact sur le contexte national

Plongé depuis plusieurs mois dans une crise sociopolitique, le Mali a enregistré son quatrième coup d'État le 18 août 2020, suite à une mutinerie de soldats qui a conduit à la démission du président Ibrahim Boubacar Keita. Notre expert local en consolidation de la paix, Boubacar Thera, revient sur cet événement, ses causes profondes et ses ramifications dans le processus de paix malien. Read more »

07 October 2020

On Mali’s coup d'état and its impact on the national context

Plunged in a socio-political crisis for months, Mali recorded its fourth coup d'état on August 18, 2020 following a mutiny of soldiers that led to the resignation of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita. Our Local Peacebuilding Expert, Boubacar Thera, discusses the event, its root causes and its ramifications for Mali's tenuous peace process. Read more »

07 October 2020

Call for participants: Decolonising Aid and Peacebuilding

From 2-4 November, Adeso, the Alliance for Peacebuilding, Peace Direct and Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security invite local activists, changemakers, organizers, healers, and peacebuilders to a three-day conversation on the ‘Decolonising Aid and Peacebuilding’. Read more »

02 October 2020

"Oblivious and naive, I became a killing machine": creating a new future for child soldiers

In Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, thousands of children have joined armed groups and remain trapped in conflict. Some find a way to escape a life of violence and flee the bush, but then what? Former child soldiers face stigma, fear and stereotypes, making it hard or impossible to settle back into their communities. Read more »

01 October 2020

Le contexte sécuritaire malien exacerbé par COVID-19

Le Mali a été l'un des derniers pays d'Afrique à enregistrer une épidémie de coronavirus, mais l'impact de la pandémie sur le pays est désormais généralisé et les tensions s'accentuent. Dans cet article, notre expert local en consolidation de la paix au Mali examine les mesures prises par le gouvernement pour lutter contre la propagation du virus, l'impact du virus sur la consolidation de la paix au niveau local et les initiatives prises sur le terrain pour sensibiliser la population et assurer sa sécurité. Read more »

10 September 2020

Mali’s security context exacerbated by COVID-19

Mali was one of the last countries in Africa to record an outbreak of coronavirus, however the impact of the pandemic on the country is now widespread, and tensions are mounting. In this article, our local peacebuilding expert from Mali examines the government measures to halt the spread of the virus, the impact of the virus on local peacebuilding, and the initiatives happening on the ground to raise awareness and keep people safe. Read more »

10 September 2020

“My soul is shattered but not my determination:” A personal account of Beirut's blast

Over a month on from the devastating blast in Lebanon's capital, Beirut, our local peacebuilding expert Sawssan Abou-Zahr shares her personal experience of the event. Read more »

07 September 2020

Burundian refugees begin return from Rwanda in divisive repatriation process

From August 27th, the repatriation of the first group of Burundian refugees returning home from Rwanda is set to get underway. In this article, our local peacebuilding expert from Burundi* analyses the diviside repatriation process, and why it's an important step towards peaceful reintegration. Read more »

27 August 2020