20 August 2019: Peace Direct is looking for organisations that would be interested in participating in a Peace Exchange in Eastern DRC which will take place from 9-11 October 2019.

Notice: Please note that the date of the Peace Exchange has been changed from its original date of 2-4 October to the following week of 9-11 October. This is due to necessary logistical changes from our end. Please accept our apologies for the incovenience this may cause.



The Eastern DRC Peace Exchange aims to bring together a diverse group of civil society organisations focused on atrocity prevention from across eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), all of whom share a strong commitment to peacebuilding and conflict resolutionBetween 20 and 25 representatives from peacebuilding organisations based in Ituri, North and South Kivu, will be invited to share local insights on effective local measures to prevent atrocities. This Peace Exchange also aims to enable the sharing of knowledge, experiences and lessons between participants, and explore opportunities for collaboration. 

The Peace Exchange will be hosted by Peace Direct in collaboration with Kivus Support Office based in Goma. It will take place from 9 – 11 October 2019 in Goma (venue TBD). 
Peace Direct is an international charity based in London committed to supporting local peacebuilders around the world. Peace Direct and the Kivu Support Offices have partnered on peace projects for a number of years. 

The purpose of the Eastern DRC Peace Exchange is to: 

  • Enable local organisations in Eastern DRC to connect with one another, share information and strategies, and explore collaborations for better co-ordination to support peace and atrocity prevention in DRC; 
  • Collaborate on a joint analysis of conflict issues and effective atrocity prevention initiatives in DRC. The joint analysis will be published and promoted to key national and international stakeholders to demonstrate locally led priorities for peacebuilding in Eastern Congo. To support this, participating organisations will be asked to complete a short survey before attending. In the interest of security, all responses will be anonymised and confidential.  

The Peace Exchange aims to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, while also providing a forum where local groups can discuss and identify the blockages they face in their work, the ways in which they can help each other, and how best the national and international community can support local peacebuilding efforts. The Peace Exchange will be conducted in French and will be co-facilitated by the Kivus Support Office and Peace Direct. 

Local transport costs within the DRC and food and accommodation will be included for all attendees. Per diems will not be paid. 

Introducing Peace Direct 

Peace Direct (www.peacedirect.org ) is founded on the belief that wherever there is conflict, there are local people building peace, and that there will be no lasting resolution of conflict unless they are in the lead.   

We seek to identify effective local organisations and provide the funding and the promotion of their work that turns their potential into reality. Peace Direct has supported a variety of peacebuilding organisations around the world, including in DRC. 

We also promote the work of local peacebuilding organisations, and that of over 1750 other locally led peacebuilding initiatives, through our website Peace Insight (www.peaceinsight.org ). The DRC section of Peace Insight contains information on many peacebuilding organisations in the country.   

If you are a local organisation from eastern DRC interested in applying to attend this event, please complete the ‘Eastern DRC Peace Exchange - Expression of Interest’ form available to download here, and email it to Dimitri.kotsiras@peacedirect.org 

Only organisations focused on atrocity prevention from Ituri, North and South Kivu provinces are eligible to apply. Applications from women-led organisations are particular encouraged, as are female representatives of other peacebuilding organisations. If you require further information on the event, or have any specific questions, please email Dimitri Kotsiras: Dimitri.kotsiras@peacedirect.org  
The closing date for applications is 9 September 2019. 

The DRC Peace Exchange is organised by Peace Direct in collaboration with the Kivus Support Office. 

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