25 March 2020: As the impact of the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic grows, our focus remains on how we can continue to support communities breaking through cycles of violent conflict.

We acknowledge that in areas already experiencing crises, the spread of COVID-19 could be significant and devastating. We are already seeing the drastic effects of the virus in how we live our everyday lives. 

We want to hear from peacebuilders about how your lives and work have been affected by this global health emergency, and what you need during this time of crisis.

Using Platform4Dialogue, we are convening a two-day consultation on Wednesday 1st April and Thursday 2nd on the topic of COVID-19 and its impact on resolving conflict. We are inviting local peacebuilders from around the world to take part.   

Over the two days, some of the key questions we will be asking are the following: 

  • How have your lives been affected by the outbreak of COVID-19?  
  • Do you think the pandemic will have implications for peacebuilding in your country? If so, how? 
  • What do you think could be the concrete implications for your organisation?  
  • How are your communities responding to the outbreak? What are peacebuilders doing specifically? 
  • What do you think could be the concrete implications for the way international organisations are working to support local peacebuilding? 
  • What support do you need at this time to cause the minimum interruption to your work? 
  • What can the peacebuilding community do to help strengthen resilience, mitigate fear and conflict, counter divisive narratives, and support social cohesion in the midst of distancing? 

Register for the consultation using this link, and please forward this to anyone you think might be interested. 

How will it work? 

The consultations will take place online on Peace Direct’s Platform4Dialogue online discussion platform and last 2 days, beginning on Wednesday 1st April 2020. 

The main language will be English, but participants can also use our automatic translation feature to participate in French, Spanish and Arabic.   

A public report will be produced from this consultation, but no participant will be quoted publicly without separate consent. 

If you have any questions about this consultation, please contact the Platform4Dialogue team on info@platform4dialogue.org  

This consultation is a joint initiative between Peace Direct, Conducive Spaces for Peace and Humanity United.  

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