Impact of COVID-19 on conflict and peace in Pakistan

In this article, local peacebuilding expert in Pakistan Zahid Shahab Ahmed reflects on the impact of COVID-19 for peacebuilders, along with the opportunities brought about by a pandemic. Read more »

14 July 2020

Partnering well for peace

We have been thinking a lot at Peace Direct about how to support local organisations without rendering them unsustainable; how to work with partners to generate local accountability before donor accountability; and about how long-term partnerships (so crucial to the support local peacebuilders need) can lead to more effective peacebuilding rather than it all just becoming ‘business as usual’. Read more »

06 July 2020

Diffuser la paix

Notre nouveau rapport, "Diffuser la paix: perspectives et enseignements des artisans de la paix dans l’Est de la RDC", partage les points de vue des groupes de la société civile locale et dresse la carte des efforts locaux de consolidation de la paix dans un contexte de violence croissante dans le pays. Read more »

15 June 2020

Au Burundi, une victoire contestée

Au lendemain du triple scrutin présidentiel, législatif et communal de ce 20 mai qui a vu une participation massive des Burundais, nous partageons un commentaire d'un de nos experts locale sur le conflit et la consolidation de la paix. Quels sont les grands enjeux? A l'annonce des résultats, quelle est la prochaine étape? Read more »

22 May 2020

Reflecting on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace

Invitation to local peacebuilders to share their views and perspectives on peacebuilding and sustaining peace. Read more »

18 May 2020

A women's revolution within the Lebanese revolution

The October 17th 2019 revolution in Lebanon has many icons and heroes, most of them are women. This article presents a compilation of short stories, observations and experiences, collected and assembled by writer and local peacebuilding expert in Lebanon, Sawssan Abou-Zahr. Read more »

12 May 2020

Voices from the Frontlines: ‘Never underestimate the power of one person’

The Sri Lankan civil war, which pitched government forces against the Tamil Tigers from 1983 to 2009, left lingering wounds in the Asian island nation. Dishani Senaratne, a writer from the capital Colombo, recognized that if children of different ethnicities could read the same stories in their own languages, they could find common ground and get a better understanding of each other’s cultures. Read more »

14 April 2020

COVID-19 and the impact on local peacebuilding

We convened more than 400 peacebuilders from around the world in online consultations to discuss how the current COVID-19 crisis is impacting their work, changing their needs, and shaping their perspective. Our latest report shares the key findings from the consultations, as well as recommendations from peacebuilders from around the world. Read more »

25 March 2020

Broadcasting Peace

Our new report, ‘Broadcasting Peace: Insights and lessons from local peacebuilders in Eastern DRC’, shares insights from local civil society groups, and maps local peacebuilding efforts amid rising violence in the country. Read more »

24 March 2020

Radical Flexibility: Strategic Funding for the Age of Local Activism

This report is a collaboration between Peace Direct and Riva Kantowitz, an independent consultant focused on innovative and effective donor financing. It outlines how a groundbreaking new fund is needed to address the lack of funding for local actors. Read more »

19 February 2020