Abdul Brima is Peace Insight's Local Peacebuilding Expert in Sierra Leone. A radio producer and presenter on BBC Media Action Sierra Leone, he has worked with rural communities on conflict and development issues in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

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President Koroma’s sacking of former Vice President was Illegal, says ECOWAS Regional Court

The ECOWAS Regional Court of Justice has ruled that the sacking of former Sierra Leone Vice President, Samuel Sam-Sumana, was illegal and has ordered the Sierra Leonean government to pay reparations. The government, on its end, has chosen not to recognise the ruling. What does this mean for Sierra Leone's fledgling democracy? Read more »

15 December 2017

Invisible scars? Mental health provision in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is amongst the poorest countries in the world with alarming cases of mental health problems, worsened by events like the recent devastating floods. With little knowledge about the conditions, and even less support, patients suffer greatly. But support in psychological first aid (PFA) is giving renewed hope to victims of the recent mudslide disaster in Freetown Read more »

08 December 2017

Preventing religious conflict in Sierra Leone: a careful balancing act

Eleven years of civil war and the Ebola disease has made many in Sierra Leone sensitive to issues that could renew conflict, particularly conflict along religious lines. A recent clash between Christian and Muslim religious leaders has caused concerns further violence could erupt. But when does crackdown on potential violence infringe upon religious freedoms? And what role should civil society play in mediating these tensions? Read more »

27 November 2017

The Citizens’ Manifesto: a new hope for democracy in Sierra Leone?

The political lens is zooming in on Sierra Leone as the country is poised to hold its next presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for March 2018. Read more »

15 November 2017

The dead and unaccounted for: landslide and flooding in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leoneans will not forget August 14, 2017. Flash floods and a mudslide left an estimated 500 people dead. Hundreds are feared missing and thousands are homeless. The stakes for conflict are high as citizens seek answers to questions of better urban housing facilities and functional land policies. Read more »

13 September 2017

The legacy of Ebola in Sierra Leone - a country at risk?

The 2014 outbreak of Ebola – the worst in history – saw almost 4,000 people killed in Sierra Leone. Abdul Brima discusses the consequences. Read more »

21 July 2017

Pulling the trigger: police brutality in Sierra Leone?

The killing of two people at a protest last year has launched a debate about the tactics of the police in Sierra Leone. Abdul Brima spoke to civil society and the police about how to keep the peace. Read more »

06 April 2017

The right time for more time in Sierra Leone?

Debate on whether President Ernest Bai Koroma should stand for a third term in Sierra Leone is intensifying. Abdul Brima spoke to civil society for its view. Read more »

22 June 2016

Calls for reform in Sierra Leone's justice system

A recent meeting of thirty civil society organisations called on the government of Sierra Leone to make reforms in the justice sector. Read more »

28 October 2015

Sierra's Leone's constitutional crisis: the final verdict

Sierra Leone's Supreme Court has ruled in support of the sacking of a vice president. The verdict has important implications for peace. Read more »

24 September 2015