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Tomorrow's Peacebuilders 2013: meet the winners

Tomorrow's Peacebuilders 2013 winners present their peacebuilding work and tell us what the award has meant for them. Read more »

09 December 2013

What is the biggest challenge facing Pakistan? An interview with Anwar Akhtar

An extract from an interview with Anwar Akhtar, from Pakistan Calling, a film project promoting cross cultural dialogue. Read more »

05 November 2013

2013 prize winner: Peace Solutions International, Uganda and DR Congo

Peace Solutions International works with refugees in Uganda to produce films that educate people how to build peace and motivates them to return home ready to do so. Read more »

26 September 2013

2013 prize winner: Kapamagogopa, Philippines

Kapamagogopa counteracts prejudice between Muslims and Christians in the Philippines by introducing Muslim volunteers into organisations run by Christians. Read more »

25 September 2013

2013 prize winner: Community Network for Social Justice, Uganda

CNSJ is working not only to rescue child soldiers kidnapped by Joseph Kony’s LRA but to ensure they have a meaningful place in communities they come home to. Read more »

24 September 2013

2013 prize winner: Comunidad de Paz de San José de Apartadó, Colombia

Comunidad de Paz de San José de Apartadó is a community dedicated to proving that peaceful cohabitation is possible in Colombia even amidst the violence. Read more »

23 September 2013

Local Correspondent for Rwanda

Insight on Conflict is currently seeking a ‘Local Correspondent’ to report on peacebuilding work in Rwanda. Read more »

20 June 2013

Pakistan calling: an innovative film project exploring social problems in Pakistan

Pakistan calling is an innovative film project exploring social problems in Pakistan, and highlighting the people tackling them. Read more »

26 April 2013

All those who have broken my heart

A film from Pakistan peacebuilding organisation, Shirkat Gah, on the conflict in the Swat Valley. Read more »

08 March 2013

Alexia Foundation: challenging injustice with photography

The Alexia Foundation promotes the use of photography to challenge social injustice, in this blog are examples of work the foundation has published. Read more »

25 February 2013