Jean de Dieu Basabose is Insight on Conflict's Local Correspondent in Rwanda. He has more than 10 years' experience in peacebuilding and has facilitated numerous training sessions and workshops on mediation, networking, community organising, organisational governance, peace monitoring and communication. Through Shalom Educating for Peace, a peace education organisation he co-founded in 2007 and co-directs, Basabose is making efforts to build and sustain peace through education. Jean holds a Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies.

Latest from Jean de Dieu Basabose

Coping with trans-generational trauma: a key feature of peacebuilding work in Rwanda

Within a 100-day span in the spring and summer of 1994 the Rwandan genocide claimed the lives of more than 800,000 Tutsis and their sympathisers. A generation has since past yet Rwandans, old and young alike, are continuing to experience post-genocide trauma. Why is this the case and what can be done to counter this enduring trauma? Read more »

21 December 2017

The Rwandan diaspora: a vital but neglected part of post-genocide reconciliation

Rwanda has a large migrant and diaspora community and divisions among these groups must be included in the reconciliation process and the journey towards peace, says Jean De Dieu. Read more »

04 August 2017

No justice, no peace without local organisations: lessons from the first African Truth and Reconciliation Commission Conference

Truth and Reconciliation Commissions have an increasingly important role in securing peace across many African countries. Jean de Dieu Basabose draws out insights from a gathering of practitioners, academics and policymakers and asks: what part can local organisations play in transitional justice? Read more »

30 November 2016

Celebrating International Peace Day in Rwanda

Jean de Dieu Basabose reflects on Rwanda's International Peace Day celebrations and explores the role of youth in building sustainable peace in the country. Read more »

12 October 2016

Gone but not forgotten: remembering the victims of the Rwandan genocide

22 years after the 1994 genocide, Rwandans are continuing to mark the occasion and keep the memory of an event which cost more than 800,000 human lives. Read more »

07 April 2016

Educating young people for peace in Rwanda

How Rwanda is increasingly recognising the importance of peace education in securing peace and reconciliation. Read more »

22 December 2015

Diplomatic tensions between Burundi and Rwanda: a call for peace

Diplomatic tensions between Rwanda and Burundi are growing. Jean de Dieu Basabose looks at the reasons behind this, and the prospects for peace Read more »

15 October 2015

Strengthening community-level peacebuilding in Rwanda

Why community-level reconciliation is an essential part of securing peace in Rwanda. Read more »

04 June 2015

Genocide in Rwanda: a commemoration

Jean de Dieu Basabose reports on the 21st anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda, as events to remember the events of 1994 begin. Read more »

07 April 2015

Healing and conflict resolution through religion

An approach to resolving ethnic conflict structured around religious practice in Rwanda. Read more »

19 February 2015