Mirjana Kosic is the co-founder and executive director of TransConflict Serbia, an organisation undertaking conflict transformation projects and research throughout the Western Balkans. Mirjana is also Peace Insight's local correspondent for the Western Balkans.

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The 10th KROKODIL Literary Festival: a debate on common language and historical revisionism in the Western Balkans

The 10th KROKODIL Literary Festival, which took place last month in Belgrade, featured several debates in which participants discussed the themes of common language and historical revisionism in the Western Balkans. Read more »

12 July 2018

Lessons of the Balkan refugee crisis

Our Local Correspondent Mirjana Kosic assesses the impact of refugee flows across the fragile Balkans. Read more »

11 November 2015

Sarajevo, one hundred years later

A century later the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand still causes division in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Read more »

09 July 2014

Bridging divisions in Bosnia-Herzegovina’s society

Ethnic divisions in Bosnia and Herzegovina are greater than ever before. The Genesis Project, though, shows that reconciliation is not an impossible dream. Read more »

28 October 2013

Mladic and Srebrenica, 16 years later

16 years after the Srebrenica genocide, Ratko Mladić has been arrested. What does the future hold for peace and reconciliation in Bosnia and Serbia? Read more »

18 July 2011

Bosnia and Herzegovina today – the view from Tuzla

Read more »

18 May 2011