Tomas Serna is Peace Insight’s Local Peacebuilding Expert in Guinea-Bissau and Senegal. Tomas holds Master's degrees in Conflictology and the History of International Relations. Tomas is a development practitioner specialising in governance and conflict issues with a special focus on West Africa. He has provided advisory services related to organisational development and governance and served in management positions for different international development agencies.

Latest from Tomas Serna

Could zircon exploitation re-ignite the war in Casamance?

Does a proposed new mine in Senegal's Cassamance region threaten to re-ignite a fragile ceasefire? Read more »

22 September 2017

Armed peace in the Gambia: the role of ECOWAS

The need for reform of the armed forces in The Gambia is pressing - but a delicate political task. Tomas Serna discusses the Gambian security sector in light of the recent decision to extend the presence of the regional military force. Read more »

22 June 2017

'We are free now in The Gambia - or maybe not'

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh surprised many when he announced his intention to step down recently, after 22 years of rule. But he has since performed a U-turn, saying the result of the election which saw him defeated was not credible. Tomas Serna reflects on Gambian life. Read more »

21 December 2016

Senegal’s southern conflict: forgotten but not gone

The conflict in Senegal rumbles on, unnoticed by most of the world and apparently unimportant to the Senegalese government. But citizens in Casamance continue to suffer. Peace Direct’s Local Peacebuilding Expert Tomás Serna Salichs reports on how locals are trying to forge their own peace process to end a forty-year war. Read more »

06 September 2016

Igniting the game of thrones in Guinea-Bissau

Guinea-Bissau is again on the eve of a coup, says Tomas Serna. Despite recent signs of progress, political instability is again on the increase.   Read more »

08 March 2016

Casamance: neither war nor peace

The Casamance region of Senegal is trapped in a state of non-peace. Tomas Serna reflects on the situation. Read more »

09 December 2015

Governing Guinea-Bissau: a return to the politics of the past?

Political unrest in Guinea-Bissau has left many fearing a return to the instability of the past. Tomas Serna discusses recent events. Read more »

21 September 2015

Guns in Guinea-Bissau: how to move on from military solutions to political problems

Tomas Serna explores the legacy of the independence struggle and its continuing impact on civil-military relations in Guinea-Bissau. Read more »

02 July 2015