Peacebuilding prospects in Abkhazia

Whilst the conflict between Georgians and Abkhazians has contributed to icy relations, local organisations on the ground have an important role to play in rebuilding trust, says Tamar Lagurashvili. Read more »

22 July 2016

Cross-border history: archaeologists for peace in Georgia

Cultural peacebuilding: a research initiative is allowing archaeologists in Abkhazia and South Ossetia to access Georgian archives on their shared history. Read more »

19 June 2016

20 years of filming conflicts: building trust through documentaries in Georgia

Tornike Zurabashvili, looks at the work of Studio Re who work on both sides of the conflict to share stories of peace and reconciliation. Read more »

29 September 2015

Women, violence and peace in the South Caucasus: a regional perspective

Sinéad Walsh looks at development of women’s rights in the South Caucasus and how grassroots organisations are being supported. Read more »

04 September 2015

Gaming for peace in Georgia

A new approach to bringing youth together is being tried out around the world, writes Heather Yundt. Read more »

03 September 2015

Language policy in Georgia – bringing people together or keeping them apart?

Sandra Veloy discusses the complex relationship between language, conflict and politics in the South Caucasus. Read more »

02 September 2015

The importance of local peacebuilding in Georgia

Nicholas Barker discusses how ongoing local peacebuilding efforts risk being overlooked by the geopolitical concerns in Georgia and South Ossetia. Read more »

19 August 2015

International volunteering and local peacebuilding

Nicholas Barker, an EVS volunteer in Georgia, discusses how international volunteers can contribute to local peacebuilding. Read more »

30 March 2015

Borders of war: the impact of South Ossetia's new border

Mikel Venhovens explains the causes and consequences of borderization in South Ossetia Read more »

07 March 2014