Filipino social enterprise: ‘when there’s coffee served, there’s less fighting’

Filipino social enterprise Coffee for Peace is mediating disputes in the Philippines’ most conflicted region by harnessing the power of coffee as a communication tool Read more »

03 August 2018

Atrocity Prevention and Peacebuilding

Peace Direct's latest report presents the analysis and recommendations of atrocity prevention and peacebuilding from experts and practitioners from across the globe, and advocates for the recognition of the critical role that local civil society and locally-led peacebuilding approaches play in preventing and stopping atrocities. Read more »

06 April 2018

The Philippines: high hopes for peace in Duterte’s first 100 days

Rey Ty reports on the prospects for peace that the presidency of Rodrigo Duterte might bring to the Philippines. Read more »

01 July 2016

A fresh start for peace in the Philippines?

The Philippines goes to the polls in a general election next week. Could a change in government might jump-start the peace process? Read more »

08 May 2016

El Niño survivors in the Philippines: rice not bullets

North Cotabato in Mindanao, southern Philippines, has been experiencing a devastating drought for six months now due to the effects of El Niño.  Read more »

11 April 2016

Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL): Elections, Prejudice, Ignorance, Constitutionality, MNLF, Lumad and Women

The Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) is currently under deliberation by the Congress of the Philippines. Some key problems with it must be addressed. Read more »

02 March 2016

Missing in Mindanao: the plight of internally displaced people in the Philippines

Sara Woodward discusses the plight of internally displaced people in the Philippines. Read more »

06 July 2015

Indigenous schools: closure and militarisation?

A dispute over the use of indigenous schools by the military is threatening to delay the start of the new school year in the Philippines. Rey Ty reports. Read more »

26 June 2015

Peacebuilding in the Philippines: new coverage on Insight on Conflict

Our new Local Correspondent, Rey Ty, is helping us to map peacebuilding work in our 8th Asian region, the Philippines. Read more »

12 June 2015

Peace in the Philippines: time to go back to the negotiating table

Trust between rebel movements and the Philippine government is low. As we launch a new section covering the region on Insight on Conflict, our Local Correspondent Rey Ty provides an update on events this year. Read more »

12 June 2015