Building peace through border control in Puntland, Somalia

In response to escalating regional violence, the Puntland administration has tightened its borders and imposed a ban on trucks. What does this mean for the local economy? What does this mean for peace and stability in northern Somalia? Osman Nur explores. Read more »

18 November 2016

Somalia: will its refugee and displacement crises ever be solved?

A combination of human and natural disasters has generated a repeated wave of refugees in Somalia. Abdiwahab M. Ali and Badra Yusuf discuss the difficulties. Read more »

Empty threats or serious steps? Kenya’s plans to evict Somali refugees

Kenyan authorities revealed last Friday plans to shut down its refugee camps within the next year and relocate all refugees outside of Kenya. Read more »

13 May 2016

Building peace through development in Puntland: progress and challenges

Osman Nur discusses peace and statebuilding in Somalia's autonomous Puntland region. Read more »

05 February 2016

That sinking feeling in Somalia? The trouble with NGOs in the Horn of Africa

With international aid money flowing in the Horn of Africa, and the potential for corruption increasing, how are local NGOs affected? Read more »

29 December 2014

Clans, conflicts and devolution in Mandera, Kenya

A mixture of robust conflict management, good governance and addressing historical injustices are key to a durable solution, not just in Mandera but also across the whole of northern Kenya. Read more »

14 October 2014

May 2014

This month’s edition features articles and resources on local peace courts in DR Congo, cooperation between locals and internationals, and more. Read more »

01 May 2014

Impact and humanitarian action in Somalia: is there a place for critical reflection?

With the focus on shrinking humanitarian space, the impact on humanitarian assistance has taken centre stage in Somalia, while the impact of humanitarian action has become an unknown. Read more »

26 October 2012

Somali women and peacebuilding

The powerful role women have played in promoting peace in Somalia. Read more »

30 August 2012

Somali civil society discusses Somalia's future

A conference provided a rare opportunity for Somali civil society to come together and to talk about issues facing the country. Read more »

12 July 2012