Atrocity Prevention and Peacebuilding

Peace Direct's latest report presents the analysis and recommendations of atrocity prevention and peacebuilding from experts and practitioners from across the globe, and advocates for the recognition of the critical role that local civil society and locally-led peacebuilding approaches play in preventing and stopping atrocities. Read more »

06 April 2018

Introducing 'Peace Dispatch'

Today, Peace Insight launches a brand new tool and exciting feature: Peace Dispatch provides real time analysis on instances of violence as they happen. Peace Dispatch is a unique new feature, mapping live incidences of violence and peacebuilding initiatives. It brings together instances of violent outbreaks alongside instances of local peacebuilding, showing exactly what is being done to halt violence and build peace in the aftermath. Read more »

06 March 2018

Two conflicts, one problem: finding new solutions to old wars

Kirthi Jayakumar the action taken by two different women in a very similar position Read more »

03 December 2014

Omission of gender: Sri Lanka's "Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission"

Reflecting on the gender perspective in Sri Lanka and the lack of gender sensitivity in the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission. Read more »

25 June 2014

Arrests in Sri Lanka

This has been a dramatic week for peace and human rights activists in Sri Lanka with arrests of prominent human rights campaigners. Read more »

21 March 2014

Eating for peace

Sharing food and cooking together is one of the most powerful - and basic - ways of bringing people together. Read more »

05 February 2014

Extremist Buddhists target Muslims in Sri Lanka, but impunity prevails.

Sri Lankan Muslims are the victims of a systematic hate campaign. But the government, once again, is condoning violence. Read more »

06 November 2013

We are everywhere the same, listening. (Part two)

Stephanie Rose Wood, a London-based photographer, travelled Sri Lanka photographing local peacebuilders. (Part two in a series of posts) Read more »

08 March 2013

Photographing peacebuilders in Sri Lanka

Stephanie Rose Wood, a London-based photographer, travelled Sri Lanka photographing local peacebuilders. Read more »

08 February 2013

Reconciliation in post-war Sri Lanka

Dr. Oliver Walton explores the differing approaches to reconciliation in Sri Lanka. Read more »

10 January 2013