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Kart-e 3, Opposite Finest Supermarket Kabul, Afghanistan
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Thematic areas

Culture, media & advocacy
Human rights

The Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organisation (AHRDO) was established in early 2009 by Afghan human rights and civil society activists with a strong commitment to work with the most marginalised sectors of society.

AHRDO is committed to the promotion of democracy, non-violence and human rights in Afghanistan and the region. They work principally through employing arts and theatre-based programmes that create spaces for dialogue, peacebuilding, social justice, public participation and consequently societal transformation from the grassroots up.

AHRDO aims to complement the external democratisation efforts with activities that are rooted and informed by local cultural traditions and values. The organisation supports the people of Afghanistan to create a vision of the future and provide opportunities to transform fear into friendship, disappointment into hope, knowledge into understanding, hesitation into action and individual efforts into collective power for the purpose of building a peaceful, just and democratic society.

AHRDO has a strong faith that the current political climate requires civil society and human rights organizations to shift their focus to the so-called softer aspects of democratisation and human rights promotion in Afghanistan. To achieve this in an efficient, accountable but also creative and innovative manner, AHRDO has decided to employ a series of unique arts-based methodologies with different but ultimately complementary components. Some of these methodologies include: Theatre of the Oppressed, Playback Theatre, Conventional Theatre, and Radio Drama, as well as Poetry and Music.

Last updated: June 2012