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Children and youth
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Peace education

Move Foundation, founded in 2013, is a youth-led organisation in Bangladesh. It works on social exclusion issues with Qawmi Madrasas (religious schools), supporting young people to create social and political change and counter radicalisation.

move foundation Image credit: Move Foundation

Main activities

Move Foundation focuses on exercising peace in every aspect of social life and comprehensive schooling. It works with students from Qawmi madrasas, young urbanites and lawmakers.

Since its inception, it has worked on youth assignments to improve safety issues and counter fanaticism and bigotry from political and societal perspectives. It also inspires and guide citizens to work on safety priorities.

Move Foundation has had a significant impact on the Qawmi madrasa system, whose authorities agreed to review their education practice and alter the parochialism embedded in their system. It also works in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and UNDP to support young people working on various different peace and safety initiatives.

In November 2015, the Move Foundation, as part of the Stop Violence Coalition, participated in a four-day training event on Peace Foundations in Dhaka. Conducted by the Mennonite Central Committee (Canada), 16 Master Trainers from seven districts received the training, who will now work on peacebuilding in their respective communities. The second phase of the training, titled Conflict Transformation, will be held in January 2016, also in Dhaka.

MOVE Foundation has arranged a day-long workshop on ‘Extremism and Conflict Transformation’ on February 16, 2016 in Dhaka. The aim of the program intended for strengthening community youth leaders peace-building capacity. 5 local youth and student leaders and 5 qawmi madrasa teachers and religious leaders from ‘Kotwali Thana’ area in the old town of Dhaka city have participated in this interactive workshop and received certificate as “Community Peace MOVEr”. Four MOVE trainers and one additional superintendent of police from the Bangladesh Police Headquarters have conducted this workshop and talked about various tools of violent conflict resolution and peace-building. Representatives from different embassies, donor communities, journalists and security experts have observed the proceedings.

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Watch the video of the workshop on ‘Extremism and Conflict Transformation’ held on February 16, 2016 in Dhaka. 

Last updated: August 2016