Association Jeunesse Unie pour le Developement du Faso (AJUDF)

Conflicts: Burkina Faso

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Secteur 17, Sarfalao, rue 17-112pour 31
+226 70 17 90 78 / 75 78 93 76

Thematic areas

Children and youth
Peace education

The Association Jeunesse Unie pour le Developement du Faso (the Youth Association United for the Development of Faso, AJUDF) is an association for young students, and is formed of young people from the town of Bobo, mostly merchants, teachers and factory workers. AJUDF has conducted raising awareness activities on several themes such as: hygiene, malaria, culture of peace in schools, peace in the neighbourhoods of Bobo. It has also conducted activities on biometric enrolment preceeding the 2012 elections, and activities on promoting a culture of peace during the elections. These were run through activities such as educative talks, cinema debates, door-to-door awareness raising campaigns, visits to youth centres for discussions, and theatre. An evening of dancing was organised in the bar 'La Concorde' with the theme 'Youth, engage in peace in your area'.

These activities were possible with the help of partners such as the Ministry of youth, professional training and employment, who helped by providing volutary facilitators and by taking charge of trainee facilitators for the awareness raising sessions. Other partners include the RAJS, who provided technical and material support for the cinema-debates and theatre forums, and the association ABF who provided their space to AJUDF for its meetings.

Last updated: June 2015