Centre pour la Paix et le Développement de Karusi (CPDK)

Conflicts: Burundi

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Karuzi centre, Quartier haut standing Parcelle №336
+257 77 672 858

Thematic areas

Mediation & Dialogue
Peace education
Refugees and IDPs

Centre pour la Paix et le Développement de Karusi (CPDK) is empowering communities in Karuzi province, Burundi to defend their human rights. Through its mission, CPDK works in synergy with all provincial development actors to fight against poverty and its effects in order to achieve sustainable and integral development.

Thanks to the work of CPDK in peacebuilding, some returnees and IDPs have returned to their original homes. In many communities, Hutu and Tutsi have found forgiveness and today, mixed marriages are celebrated on a regular basis.

Major achievements

  • Organising and engaging regular debates to consolidate cohabitation and reconciliation between displaced people, returnees and those who remained in their homes.
  • Construction of 200 houses for displaced people and returnees wishing to return to their original communities.
  • Establishing peacebuilding committees.
  • Raising awareness among leaders of women's associations and youth on the local administration of the Family Code and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Last updated: May 2014