Amnesty International: Reports and documents on humanitarian issues in Colombia.

Conciliation Resources: Essays on the armed conflict in Colombia.

Council on Foreign Relations: Papers and interviews on the Colombian conflict.

Crimes on War Project: An overview and insight into the wider implications of the conflict in Colombia.

The Economist: Series of articles and up-to-date news on Colombia.

Freedom House: Freedom House promotes democracy and freedom around the world and publishes country reports.

Global Security: News on Colombia related to defense, security, parts involved in conflict and institutions.

Human Rights Watch: Human Rights Watch denounces the killings of 12 indigenous people in August 2009. For further reports on human rights abuses in Colombia. Country guide for Colombia with detailed information on development facts.

Colombian security forces clash with indigenous protesters in Colombia. Photo credit: Fellowship of Reconciliation

Government and International Organisations

Internal Displacement Monitoring Center: Comprehensive overview of the Colombian conflict, including the latest figures on IDP’s.

International Alert: Background information and projects run by IA in Colombia.

International Centre for Transitional Justice: A comprehensive resource for information on the Colombian conflict.

International Crisis Group: A comprehensive resource for information on the conflict in Colombia and ongoing humanitarian challenges. For additional reports on Colombia see the 'Recent Reports & Briefings' section.

International Narcotics Control Board (INCB): (PDF) Annual report which examines the impact of illicit drugs on overall economic development. Particularly interesting is The Analysis of the World Situation – South America (pp72-80).

London School of Economics - The working paper 'Politics and Security in Three Colombian Cities' (PDF) discusses the improvement of security in Bogotá and Medellín in contrast to Cali.

Medecins Sans Frontieres: Articles, photographs and videos relating to health and humanitarian issues in Colombia.

Minority Rights Group International: World directory of minorities and indigenous people; section on Colombia.

Overseas Security Advisory Council: News and reports on security issues in Colombia.

Peace Brigades International: Latest news and reports, and details on PBI’s projects in Colombia.

ReliefWeb: A leading online gateway to information on humanitarian emergencies and disasters in Colombia.

Transnational Institute: Articles on the Colombian crisis from a network of international ‘scholar-activists’.

University of Uppsala Department of Peace and Conflict Research: Detailed overview and commentary on the Colombian conflict.

UN Refugee Agency Refworld: Information on refugee status in Colombia and additional reports and documents.

US Department of State – Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs: International Narcotics Control Strategy Report on Colombia and other countries in South America.

US Department of State – Bureau of Public Affairs: Country report and basic data on Colombia.


This film, commissioned by Al Jazeera’s Witness broadcast, looks at the struggles ex-FARC guerrillas are having with demobilization


The Fruit Palace, Charles Nicholl: Charles Nicholl first came into contact with the Colombian drug trade in the early Seventies. Twelve years later he went back to find out about this dangerous world.

An Englishman in Colombia by David Wood: The experiences of a visitor to Colombia between 1987 and 1997. The book is available to read online.