BBC Country Profile An insightful overview of the political, social and economical landscape. Also noteworthy is the extensive timeline feature.

FRENCH LANGUAGE information on the DR Congo Portail d'informations pour la communaute humanitaire en RDC.

Human Development Report 2009 UN Security Reports Links to monthly UN security reports (from 2005-present) on the DR Congo.

Human Rights Watch: Congo – The World Deadliest War Extensive assessment and documentation of a decade of instability and violence in the Congo. Browse through the publications and view the multimedia imagery. This is a vital resource in understanding the human cost of this dreadful conflict.

ICRC survey on the impact of armed conflict on Civilians: DR Congo A two-part research paper focusing on the impact of armed conflict and social mobility.

IRIN: UN Humanitarian News and Analysis The UN news service IRIN carries news of the latest humanitarian developments, from DR Congo and across the world.

Reuters AlertNet Country Profile: DR Congo Navigate through the extensive categorised sections for a comprehensive overview of the DR Congo. Includes timelines, statistics and a ‘who works where’ database of local and international NGOs.

ReliefWeb A leading online gateway to information on humanitarian emergences and disasters.

Internally displaced people in DR Congo flee Songolo, 40 km south of Bunia, following fighting between the Congolese army and militiamen

Government and International Organisations

Amnesty International Report ‘Human Rights Defenders Under Attack in the Democratic Republic of Congo’.

DFID: DR Congo Country Plan: 2008 – 2010 A comprehensive government document; understand what DFID believe to be the main drivers of conflict in the DR Congo - big budgets and ambitious strategies.

EIN News Media monitoring of events in the DR Congo by EIN News.

Guardian DRC articles Links to numerous articles on the DR Congo, including the latest news.

Global Witness: Faced With A Gun, What would You Do? The report focuses on the militarisation of mining and resources in the DRC. Additional documents also list, or rather ‘name and shame,’ the European, American and Asian multinational corporations working in the mining industry. Well worth a look.

International Alert: ‘Peace building in the Great Lakes Region: Challenges and Opportunities for the EU in the DRC’ A policy recommendation document discussing EU strategy in the DR Congo - combating insecurity, supporting the government and creating development through reconstruction.

International Criminal Court: DR Congo Tribunal View all public files on defendants being tried for War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity.

IMF and the Democratic Republic of Congo All articles and relevant publication relating to the IMF and the DR Congo.

International Rescue Committee: DRC Mortality Survey A morbid overview of mortality rates in a conflict that has claimed 5.4 million lives to date – 45,000 a month. Includes policy recommendations and programme reports.

IDMC: Massive Displacement and Deteriorating Humanitarian Conditions Published in August 2009, the report highlights how fighting between government forces and militia has displaced 800,000 in the first half of 2009.

The ICRC in the Democratic Republic of Congo A comprehensive overview of ICRC operations in the DR Congo. Scroll down to the Key Documents section for comprehensive monthly reports on a range of social and developmental issues.

MONUC: United Nations Mission in DR Congo A complete database of all aspects of the mission's operations in the DR Congo. This is an essential tool in understanding the complexities and scale of the UN commitment in the DR Congo.

Overseas Security Advisory Council Latest security advisory.

The World Bank: Publications and Reports - DR Congo From food security to private sector development - this is a wide-ranging database of reports detailing socioeconomic and developmental issues in the DR Congo.


Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad: Conrad went to the Belgian Congo in 1890 to captain a river steamer, and it became the setting for this compelling novel.

Congo Journey, Redmond O’Hanlon: A gut-wrenching adventure that is also filled with scholarly observations on natural history.

Blood River, Tim Butcher: Epic recreation of Stanley’s journey through the Congo, undertaken alone, which portrays the country’s terrible decline.

The Congo Wars: Conflict, Myth and Reality, Thomas Turner: Written by a lifelong authority on the DRC, the book makes sense of the world's least reported and least understood war.