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Nyamukau Avenue, No. 14, Lumumba district, the city of Bunia, Ituri District, Orientale Province
+243 998683593

Thematic areas

Transitional justice and reconciliation

Flevica are based in Bunia and operate in different regions of Ituri, a region of DR Congo that has seen heavy fighting in the Conogolese Wars. Their name comes from ‘Fleuve de vivre qui coule aux autres’, which means ‘the River of Life which Runs to Others’.

Flevica have been active throughout the conflicts in Ituri. Much of the violence in Ituri has related to conflicts between different ethnic groups. During times of ethnic violence, they helped soldiers and civilians to cooperate to allow civilians to move around safely. They continue to work on co-existence projects, and for example have used traditional dance as a way of bringing groups together. They also work on development projects and community initiatives in areas such as agriculture, livestock, fishing, and protection of the environment.

Last updated: September 2010