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26 Avenue du 15 Décembre Quartier Rombe 1 Uvira, South Kivu, RDC. Also: PO Box: 2383 Bujumbura/Burundi.
+243 998220931

Thematic areas

Health & counselling
Peace education
Transitional justice and reconciliation
Women, Peace and Security

Initiatives pour la Réconciliation Communautaire (Initiatives for Community Reconciliation, INIRECh) works in Uvira and Fizi in South Kivu, DR Congo, to establish and maintain peaceful cohabitation between and within communities. The organisation focuses on peace, conflict transformation and community development. For many years, Eastern Congo has been at the centre of what many call "Africa's world war", with over five million people losing their lives and countless thousands raped, maimed or orphaned. Today, although the region is relatively stable, many Congolese still live in fear of rape, marauding militias and intermittent intercommunity fighting in the midst of poverty.

INIREC’s vision is for a peaceful and prosperous Congo where lasting peace becomes a reality in the Great Lakes. The organisation’s mission is to train, mentor and build the capacity of change makers who are involved in peace-building, conflict transformation and development initiatives.

Organisational Objectives

  • To prevent and reduce incidence of conflicts and interpersonal violence between and within communities through information sharing, dialogue, capacity building and projects that build intercommunity interaction
  • To reduce gender-based violence and human right violations
  • To support the socio-economic reintegration and protection of vulnerable groups (ex-combatants, victims of rape and sexual violence, the displaced, returnees, young people and children at risk)
  • To reduce the prevalence and contamination rates of HIV/AIDS
  • To reduce hunger and poverty by strengthening livelihoods
  • Mobilise local communities to participate in civic education allowing them to fight non-violently for lasting democratic and social change by reclaiming their rights and fighting against injustice, corruption and impunity


To achieve its objectives, INIREC:

  • Identifies and strengthens community-led peace building initiatives, including the setting up of peace committees;
  • Facilitates and promotes  genuine dialogue between and within communities and shares information on peace, reconciliation and development;
  • Organises awareness -raising sessions and training on the techniques of peace building, conflict resolution and transformation;
  • Teaches gender and children’s rights and runs civic education workshops ;
  • Runs peace school clubs in Uvira and Fizi to reinforce peace education, non violence and encourage creativity in schools; and
  • Runs IT, soap-making and sewing lessons for vulnerable people, including business skills so they are equipped to run their own cooperatives.

INIREC peace education training

Uvira, the town where INIREC is based

INIREC campaign against HIV/AIDS

Last updated: November 2017

How you can help

How to make a donation

For donations, please contact BANI BIBENGA Georges using the details above.

The impact of your donation

A $50 donation is sufficient to organise an exchange session with the young members of the peace clubs or their parents, or helping to produce a radio show.

How you can participate

People can get involved as volunteers or by providing services, or helping support INIREC’s advocacy by giving the organisation tools and materials including books, manuals and videos. Help connecting the organisation with other groups and individual is also welcome.