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Thematic areas

Children and youth
Conflict prevention and early warning
Mediation & Dialogue
Refugees and IDPs

Georgian-Ossetian Civil Forum was founded in 2007 in the initiative of Georgian and Ossetian civil society activists and NGO’s with the support of Dutch peace organization IKV PAX Christi.

In the aim of building trust and creating peaceful atmosphere of coexistence in Georgian and Ossetian societies Civil Forum promotes dialogue between the divided groups. More specifically the Forum organizes different meetings among Georgian and Ossetian activists, experts and journalists. The organisation sets youth engagement in this kind of events as one of its main priorities.

For sharing experience Civil Forum with the support of donors organizes Georgian-Ossetian study trips in different European countries.

Nowadays, the Forum gathers more than 100 civil activists and five nongovernmental organizations from Georgia and South Ossetia. The representatives of Georgian and Ossetian organizations as well as international organizations are invited as partners and experts in the framework of different projects. The main mission of the organization is:

  • Promoting dialogue between Georgian and Ossetian societies;
  • Sustaining full social integration of those affected by Georgian-Ossetian conflict and the war of 2008.
  • Peaceful resolution of the conflict;
  • To restore trust between Georgian and Ossetian societies;
  • To achieve sustainable peace;
  • To protect the rights and the interests of those affected by Georgian Ossetian conflict and the war of 2008;
  • To protect the rights of IDP’s;

Objectives of the organization are:

  • To set up alternative negotiation schemes through the participation of analysts and leaders;
  • To organize the peace process;
  • To support youth initiatives and to launch advocacy campaigns on national and international levels;
  • To develop economic, social and cultural links;
  • Reinforce the civil society;
  • Legal support for IDPs and for those generally affected by Georgian-Ossetian conflict.
  • To monitor various developments around the IDP issues;
  • To mobilize resources necessary for funding some reasonable projects and programs.
  • To cooperate with different business companies, donors and foundations.

In the framework of 2008-2014 forum, various Georigan-Ossetian joint meetings were held in different cities, namely in: Amsterdam, Hague and Leiden (Netherlands), in Ankara and Istanbul (Turkey), in Brussels (Belgium) and in Yerevan (Armenia).

In 2008, the meetings unfolded in several rounds in the framework of Georgian-Ossetian dialogue format, the so called “Ankara format” created by Forum in the support of Turkish partners and donors.

In 2010 the Leiden Declaration was adopted by Civil Forum members played important role in bringing Georgian and Ossetian civil societies closer to each other. The above mentioned declaration was discussed during the Geneva negotiations and was approved unanimously by the dialogue participants.

In 2009-2010 Yerevan hosted trainings in strategic planning where the Forum member organizations took part. The same year project named “Increase the capabilities of Georgian-Ossetian Forum” was carried out in Bakuriani.

Among the activities implemented by the Forum and its member organizations, the following projects need to be highlighted:

  • Youth Peace Express (2013-2014);
  • Georgian-Ossetian documentary: “Peace Express”;
  • Georgian-Ossetian Place for Peace (2012);
  • Young photographers’ solidarity for peace (2012-2013);
  • Self-sustainability of IDP’s from Tskhinvali region (2011);
  • Legal support for the IDP’s (2011) and etc.

Last updated: November 2016