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Thematic areas

Children and youth
Conflict prevention and early warning
Culture, media & advocacy
Peace education
Refugees and IDPs
Women, Peace and Security

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Youth Association DRONI works to promote the establishment of a modern, healthy, inclusive and educated society in Georgia. In order to meet this task, DRONI has been implementing youth education and development programs.

DRONI aims to support young people's physical, spiritual, and educational development and to create educational initiatives developing young people's competence in the field of civil society, conflict resolution, human rights and peacebuilding, and to promote intercultural relations in Georgian society.

The organisation was established in the framework of the international organisation Academy for Educational Development in 2003 by young people with 4-5 years working experience in the NGO sector. DRONI is working mainly in the field of education at local and international level with different target groups (children, youth, students, teachers, and refugees).

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DRONI mainly carries out its activities in the Caucasian region and cooperates with different NGOs in Europe. It has carried out activities focused on:

  • Human rights education
  • Gender issues
  • Conflict prevention and peacebuilding
  • Active citizenship
  • Youth participation
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DRONI has a history of working in the IDP settlements of people from Abkhazia and South Ossetia, where its local and international volunteers have conducted numerous cultural and educational workshops.

Apart from that, DRONI has implemented numerous youth exchanges, training courses and other international projects aiming to equip participants with conflict management tools and develop non-violent techniques for peace builders. The methodology for this training includes nonviolent communication, coaching, conflict resolution and creativity, outdoor education and experimental learning.

Last updated: October 2015