BBC Country Profile: Includes a timeline of events and country statistics.

BBC 'Iraq War Figures': Troop levels, casualties and costs.

Council on Foreign Relations: This site lists some of the most recent and essential documents and publications on Iraq.

Flashpoints: Country briefing on the conflict in Iraq, including a list of related resources.

Global Security: Security information on the conflict in Iraq, including recent events and the implementation of the peace accord.

INCORE: International Conflict Research Institute at the University of Ulster guide to Internet resources on Iraq.

Reuters AlertNet Country Profile: Contains statistics and background information on the conflict.

Relief Web: Provides country specific updates on emergencies, sector reports, appeals and financial tracking along with background information and employment vacancies.

UK FCO guidelines: Country profile from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, including travel advice for those planning to visit the region.

Governments and International Organisations

Current Government

DFID: UK Department for International Development country profile for Iraq, includes DFID publications on Iraq.

International Displacement Monitoring Centre: Information on internally displaced people in Iraq.


US - CIA Factbook: General information on Iraq, including maps and statistical information.

US Libraries of Congress: A country study of Iraq from ancient to recent history.

US State Department: Country profile from the US State Department.

World Bank: Country brief- provides information on development progress, challenges ahead, World Bank assistance and projects.


Amnesty International: Latest reports by Amnesty International on Iraq.

Human Rights Watch: Latest reports by Human Rights Watch on Iraq human rights.

World News Report: Contains the latest news reports relating to Iraq.