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Campaign Against Arms Trade

CAAT works to end the international arms trade, promoting progressive demilitarisation and ending government financial and political support for arms export.
Work in Kashmir: CAAT provides data on UK and EU arms exports to India and Pakistan.

Conciliation Resources

Conciliation Resources works on cross-border conflict, engaging armed groups, developing governance, facilitating dialogue, strengthening public participation and integrating women properly into all areas of peacebuilding.
Work in Kashmir: Conciliation Resource's aim is to develop the peacebuilding capacities of people on both sides of the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir and contribute to informal peacebuilding processes by facilitating shared analysis, dialogue and practical engagement at regional and cross-LoC levels.

International Action Network on Small Arms

IANSA is the global movement against gun violence, linking civil society organisations working to stop the proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons.
Work in Kashmir: IANSA has a large number of partner organisations working to combat gun violence in Pakistan and India.

International Crisis Group

The International Crisis Group conducts independent research and analyis on conflicts around the world.
Work in Kashmir: The ICG has a range of reports and publications on the conflict in Kashmir.

International Peace Bureau

The International Peace Bureau is dedicated to the vision of a world without war. Its current main programme centres on disarmament for sustainable development.
Work in Kashmir: The IPB has a large number of partner organisations in India and Pakistan.

Karuna Center for Peacebuilding

The Karuna Center innovates approaches for transforming conflict across divides by supporting people in all sectors of society to discover their shared capacity for building peace.
Work in Kashmir: The Karuna Center has partner organisations in both India and Pakistan.

Pax Christi

Pax Christi works on a variety of issues in human rights, human security, disarmament, de-militarisation, just world order, religion and violent conflict.
Work in Kashmir: Pax Christi has partner organisations in both India and Pakistan.

Peace Research Institute Oslo

PRIO conducts academic research and analysis on peace and conflict worldwide.
Work in Kashmir: PRIO has research projects and publications on both Pakistan and India.

Small Arms Survey

The Small Arms Survey serves as the principal international source of public information on all aspects of small arms and armed violence.
Work in Kashmir: The Small Arms Survey has publication and data on SALW in India and Pakistan.