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CHINAR, Shah Dhar Manzil, Khalid Abad, Baghat Chowk, Srinagar, Jand K 190 005, India
+ 91 19 42 43 39 24 / 98 58 39 42 38

Thematic areas

Children and youth

Organisation mission

The Mission of CHINAR is to provide a stable and nurturing environment to orphans and vulnerable children, which encourages and equips them to reach their highest potential and effectively meet challenges in life.

In order to achieve their mission, CHINAR has defined the following objectives:

  • To promote efficient and quality services for children in need through education, training, consultation, conferences, publications, research, and other lawful means;
  • To provide a stable and nurturing environment by providing support and empowerment to the widows/single mothers;
  • To empower children in need with skills and emotional support through guidance, counseling and information dissemination to help them become responsible and productive members of the society;
  • To assist communities in coping with the orphans by organizing and maintaining shelters, homes and similar facilities;
  • To offer the most appropriate and prompt permanency plans for children separated from their families due to wars and other violent conflicts;
  • To foster tolerance amongst the war children by teaching them positive ways of interacting with each other and to use peace education as an essential tool in restoring the torn fabric of their societies;
  • To promote an open exchange of ideas, data, and resources within and across systems that serve children in need, and to be a conduit for that information.

Last updated: September 2009

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The impact of your donation

22000 INR per annum would help one destitute kid to get proper education.

How you can participate

They can visit our website and facebook page to see CHINAR Kashmir\'s day to day activity