BBC: A regularly updated news report on Lebanon's current situation, with a detailed timline.

Council on Foreign Relations: ‘All on Lebanon’ - A resource for those wanting an overview of the current affairs publications making the news.

Crisis States Research Centre - Beyond Beirut (PDF): Paper on why reconstruction in Lebanon did not succeed in establishing a stable state.

The Daily Star: Website of leading Lebanese newspaper.

Global Security - Liberia: Provides wide range of information on the conflict and its consequences. Highlights government, rebels, forces and refugees involved in the conflict.

Reuters Alertnet: Lebanon Crisis: Navigate through the extensive categorised sections for a comprehensive overview of Lebanon. Includes timelines, statistics and a ‘who works where’ database of local and international NGOs.

Government and International Organisations

Amnesty International: Regularly updated news, publications and research reports on human rights in the Lebanon Republic. Also note the extensive 'Lebanon Library' detailing news and appeals.

Electronic Lebanon: Offers commentary, analysis, human rights and development information, and voices from on the ground.

House of Commons Library: 07/08 Research Paper (PDF): UK Parliamentary report on the July/August 2006 conflict between Lebanon and Israel. Details historical (post-1970) research that examines the drivers of instability and violence in recent times.

Human Rights Watch: A range of HRW reports and related news from Lebanon.

Human Security Gateway: A searchable online database of human security-related resources including reports, journal articles, news items and fact sheets.

Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre: A comprehensive overview of the Lebanon conflict including the latest figures on IDPs.

International Crisis Group: A comprehensive resource for information on the Lebanon conflict and ongoing humanitarian challenges. Particularly noteworthy is the Middle East Reports in the ‘Reports and Briefing’ section.

IRIN- UN Humanitarian News and Analysis: The UN news service IRIN carries news of the latest humanitarian developments in Lebanon and across the world.

Medecins Sans Frontieres: Articles, photographs and videos relating to health and humanitarian issues in Lebanon. Country guide for Lebanon with detailed information on development facts.

ReliefWeb: A leading online gateway to information on humanitarian emergences and disasters.

Special Tribunal for Lebanon Monitor: Blog of the Lebanese Center for Human Rights, sharing information related to the Tribunal. Includes daily press reviews and access to related UN documents.

Transnational Institute: Articles on the Lebanese crisis from a network of international 'scholar-activists'.


UNDP Lebanon: Official UN website which provides figures and work made in Lebanon for development, reconstruction and social recovery after the Civil War.

USAID Transition Initiative: USAID/OTI has recently launched a big budget three-year programme to promote peace and stability in Lebanon. Learn more by reading their annual summary report for 2007-08.

Walking the Line - Strategic approaches to peacebuilding in Lebanon (PDF): A 2006 study of peacebuilding initiatives with recommendation for both Lebanese and international actors.