Africa Humanitarian - Liberia: Local initiatives for Liberian communities as well as news about the recovery of the country's social fabric.

Amnesty International Liberia: Reports outlining investigation of war crimes and abuses.

BBC Country Profile - Liberia: An insightful overview of the political, social and economical landscape. Also noteworthy is the extensive timeline feature.

Daily Observer Newspaper: Online newspaper with extensive information about the situation in Liberia. Search for articles related to peacebuilding, justice and reconstruction.

Global Security - Liberia: Provides wide range of information on the conflict and its consequences. Highlights government, rebels, forces and refugees involved in the conflict.

Human Rights Watch: A range of reports and related news from Liberia.

Internally Displaced Monitoring Center: Extensively categorised and comprehensive resource of IDPs in Liberia. Under the ‘Internal Displacement Profile’, search for the specific reports, statistics and maps.

International Crisis Group: A comprehensive resource for information on the instability and ongoing humanitarian challenges in Liberia. Particularly noteworthy is the categorised Africa Briefing Reports.

IRIN - UN Humanitarian News and Analysis: The UN news service IRIN carries news of the latest humanitarian developments, from Liberia and across the world.

Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo Information Services: Provides statistics of population composition and distribution released from the Census 2008.

Reuters Alertnet - Liberia Crisis: Navigate through the extensive categorised sections for a comprehensive overview of Liberia. Includes timelines, statistics and a ‘who works where’ database of local and international NGOs.

UNDP Liberia: Official UN website which provides figures and work made in Liberia for development, reconstruction and social recovery after the civil war.

United Nations Mission in Liberia UNMIL: A complete database of all aspects of the mission's operations in Liberia. This is an essential tool in understanding the complexities and scale of the UN commitment in the Liberia.

USAID Liberia: USAID have been developing programmes to help people recover from the war through economic opportunities and return of displaced people.


Journey Without Maps, Graham Greene: This journey across Liberia with his cousin Barbara was Greene’s first book