Tangassane Development Association (ADT)

Conflicts: Mali

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Timbuktu (Hamabangou, Quartier Administratif). BP 179
+223 76 05 19 12 / 98 60 78 22

Thematic areas

Children and youth
Conflict prevention and early warning
Peace education

The Tangassane Development Association (ADT) strengthens local capacity and is dedicated to the promotion of a culture of peace and human rights in Mali. It supports local initiatives in a participatory approach, working specifically to target vulnerable groups and marginalised sections of society, including women, children, the poor and victims of the conflict. It is dedicated to the eradication of poverty and the improvement of living conditions in the country, with a broad remit focusing on areas including food security, reconciliation, health, and infrastructure.

ADT strategic goals are to:

  • Ensure full gender equality. ADT recognises that women constitute the hub of the family economy. Therefore, it will always ensure that they participate in the various projects implemented with support.
  • Strengthen local capacity. The organisation views the key to success for sustainable development in the capacity of local actors. ADT supports local populations through strengthening their competencies and their capacity to enable them to perpetuate actions taken with them and for them.
  • Promote rights. ADT addresses rights issues with different development actors, aimed at helping the most marginalised and vulnerable participate in economic, social and cultural life, as well as ensuring access to basic social services.

Notable achievements

  • Acted as a moderator in its area of operation, being involved with conflict prevention and management in the Timbuktu-Niger loop with funding from the EU’s ARIANE programme in 2009.
  • Trained teachers in Timbuktu in promoting peace, human rights and reconciliation in December 2013.
  • Taking part in the peace and security thematic group of the forum of civil society organisations in the Timbuktu region.
  • ADT has also developed particular expertise in food security, working extensively with the UN Office of Coordination for Humanitarian Affairs in Mali.

Last updated: September 2016