Association Ensemble (AE)

Conflicts: Mali

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394 Magnambougou Projet, Rue 411, Bamako Mali
+223 74 05 44 50 / 64 96 53 53 / 71 76 23 51

Thematic areas

Children and youth
Conflict prevention and early warning
Culture, media & advocacy
Environmental peacebuilding
Health & counselling
Mediation & Dialogue
Peace education
Refugees and IDPs
Transitional justice and reconciliation
Women, Peace and Security

The Association Ensemble (Together Association, AE) was created in August 2007 with the vision to promote a new form of solidarity at the local, national and international level in Mali. This takes the form of encouraging dialogue between cultures with the aim of mobilising all actors and partners, both locally and internationally, to resolve environmental problems, conflicts, migration and other forms of insecurity.

The AE has undertaken several projects :

  1. Strengthening social cohesion and peacebuilding in the rural municipalities and Konna Debere, in the Mopti region, in 2014 (with IOM funding)
  2. Research on the causes and consequences of the conflict in Mali, through the identification of latent sources and new conflicts, as well as the implementation of community projects of a socio-economic nature.
  3. Rehabilitation for the victims of conflict: the displaced and refugees. This included the training of young people, customary leaders, traditional communicators in mediation and conflict management techniques, as well as organising meetings to discuss conflict resolution and living together.

Following a participatory approach to conflict resolution and focusing on the socio-economic reintegration of victims of conflict, the Association Ensemble works to resolve crises and build strong social ties in rural communities.

AE is a member of the Secretariat of consultation of NGOs in Mali.

Last updated: September 2016