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Aéroport Niamey, Niger
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Thematic areas

Children and youth
Culture, media & advocacy
Human rights
Peace education

Through sustainable development activities Femmes, Actions et Développement (Women, Action and Development, FAD) works to promote the protection and recognition of women's rights in Niger. FAD has established shelters for women facing financial or social problems, and other support to women in need. In addition to direct assistance, FAD promotes the involvement of women in peace and development processes in Niger, for example by training women in entrepreneurship and management and nonviolent conflict prevention.


FAD has activities in a diverse range of thematic areas, including:

  • Fighting against all forms of gender-based discrimination and violence and for the promotion of women’s rights.
  • Health issues, including tackling HIV/AIDS and STIs, lowering child mortality rates, providing family planning assistance and running programmes on cancer of the uterus. It also helps refurbish regional hospital clinics and establishes regional hospitals.
  • Education and training, including promoting women's literacy, and school improvements.
  • Employment, including skills training, and providing micro-credits.
  • Environment and water management, including informing people on impact of climate change.
  • Human rights. FAD has acted as a watchdog for human rights & democracy.
  • Providing grants and help to women suffering from food insecurity.
  • Revitalising degraded land.
A member of the Young People and Climate Change Network, FAD also works with the education ministry to help promote girls’ schooling rights.


Some recent activities organised in partnership with other organisations include:

  • May 2014: round table with civil society organisations, female entrepreneurs, former female ministers and students, on the gender quota law in elections.
  • April 2014: training 20 women in tailoring.
  • March 2014: an awareness-raising peace caravan on girls’ education in Tahoua, Abalak, Azel and Arlit.
  • May 2013: conference debate with female police and gendarmes on gender-based violence held at the American Cultural Centre.
  • April 2013: delivery of food aid to Tondikoirey.
  • January 2013: awareness-raising conference on transmission, protection and screening issues around STIs and HIV/Aids with schoolgoers in Niamey.
  • October 2012: Clothing donated to female flood victims.
  • May 2012: conference on women’s rights and sustainable development at the American Cultural Centre.
  • January 2012: awareness-raising day for students, parents and local authorities on gender-based violence in the school environment, in Niamey.
  • March 2011: Football activities held with girls from the Korombé and Kassey schools, in Niamey.
  • October 2010: awareness-raising for women in the airport quarter of Niamey on how to create income generating activities.
  • May 2010: awareness-raising session for women and girls in Kalley-Sud, Niamey, on their rights and responsibilities, and what to do when faced with violence.
  • February 2010: awareness raising of STI and HIV/Aids issues for girls in Kalley-Sud.

Last updated: November 2014