Fédération Nationale des Coopératives des Agropasteurs du Niger (FENAP)

Conflicts: Niger

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Niamey, Niger
+227 732 352 / +227 733 650

Thematic areas

Environmental peacebuilding

Fédération Nationale des Coopératives des Agropasteurs du Niger (FENAP; in English, ‘National Federation of Agropastoralist Cooperatives of Niger’) is working to enable agropastoralists to come together to defend their interests and those of their organisations. FENAP includes 172 cooperatives totalling 49,630 members.

Goals and objectives

FENAP is working to improve agropastoral production systems and natural resource management. They organise and market agropastoral products, promote the learning of trades, and strive to achieve solidarity between member organisations. They also work to integrate and enhance the status of women, which contributes to social development in Niger.

FENAP fosters collaboration between its member groups by creating networking opportunities and organising meetings to discuss strategic interests, which contribute to achieving peaceful space management. They also work to develop information services for members, and ensure representation and advocacy for the protection of economic, material and moral interests of its members at the national, regional and international level.

FENAP engages in research and provides the results of its studies to members in order to enhance the effectiveness and overall benefit to the member organisations. They implement training services that strengthen the institutional and technical capacities of its members, as well as marketing and business activities to promote their products.

Last updated: April 2014