CAIN - Conflict Archive on the Internet: Huge database of information on the Troubles.

The Museum of Free Derry: An archive focussing on the civil rights era of the 1960s and the Free Derry/early troubles era of the 1970s

Equality Commission: An independent body set up to ensure an integrated and inclusive society in Northern Ireland.

Committee on the Administration of Justice: An independent human rights organisation with cross community membership in Northern Ireland and beyond.

The 'Good Friday' Agreement: Full text of the ‘Good Friday Agreement’ of 1998 that set out the plan for devolved government.

Human Rights Commission: The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission works to ensure that the human rights of everyone in Northern Ireland are fully and firmly protected in law, policy and practice.

INCORE Guide to Northern Ireland Conflict: An excellent guide to peacebuilding in Northern Ireland.

Justice for the Forgotten: An organisation of victims and relatives seeking justice for the Dublin and Monaghan Bombings of the 17th May 1974, and the Dublin Bombings of the 1st December 1972 and 20th January 1973

A mural marking the "Battle of the Bogside", 3 days of unrest in August 1969

International and Government Organisations

Centre for the Study of Ethnic Conflict: Based in Queen’s University, Belfast, a leading centre for research on the Troubles and also conflicts further afield.

Council on Foreign Relations: The ‘Ireland’ section of this site contains many ‘must read’ articles on Northern Ireland.

NICVA: Umbrella organisation for community groups in Northern Ireland.

Peace Polls: A series of fascinating polls with the general public in Northern Ireland, from different stages of the peace process in Northern Ireland. The polls are very in-depth and politicians used the polls to test the boundaries of what might be acceptable in negotiations. Also contains polls from several other countries.

Shared Troubles: Website that allows people to record personal memories of their experiences of the Troubles, and the people who died.

UNESCO Centre: The UNESCO Centre at the University of Ulster researches education, conflict and reconciliation, both in Northern Ireland and beyond.

News Sources

Just News: Human Rights Bulletin by the Committee on the Administration of Justice.

BBC Northern Ireland: News aimed towards and about Northern Ireland.

BBC: BBC Northern Ireland presenter William Crawley discusses the often controversial political, religious and ethical issues of the day.

Slugger O’Toole: News and opinion portal, which takes a critical look at various strands of political politics in Ireland and Britain.

Irish Times: Ireland’s best known newspaper.

Belfast Telegraph: Daily newspaper widely read in both unionist and nationalist communities, with a moderately unionist editorial position.

The Irish News: Daily paper with a more nationalist editorial approach (subscription required for online version).

News Letter: Daily paper with a broadly unionist editorial approach.