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Thematic areas

Culture, media & advocacy
Women, Peace and Security

Tehrik-e-Niswan (The Women’s Movement) emerged as a result of its first All Women’s Conference, held in Karachi in 1980. Tehrik-e-Niswan’s initial focus was to organise seminars and workshops on issues relating to domestic violence, as the movement felt that both men and women needed to be made more aware of the low status of women, as a result of the socio-economic, political and cultural discrimination that women face in Pakistan. Tehrik-e-Niswan soon felt the need to spread its message through theatre and dance.

One of the most famous dance artists and actors from Pakistan, Sheema Kermani, founded Tehrik-e-Niswan. She is an active member in the Women’s Movement and the other peace movements in Pakistan and South Asia. Early in 2010, a Tehrik-e-Niswan group travelled to India to carry a message of peace and disarmament at the South Asian Women’s Theatre Festival, held in India.

Tehrik-e-Niswan is active in the area of peacebuilding and has organised two theatre and dance festivals for peace and disarmament under its project called 'Tlism'.

Last updated: January 2017