Al Hayat Foundation, Inc. (AHFI)

Conflicts: Philippines

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#1 J. Roales ST, RH-13, Cobato City, Philippines
+ 63 64 42 11 314

Thematic areas

Children and youth
Health & counselling
Technology and peacebuilding

The Al Hayat Foundation (AHFI) was founded in 1994 and registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the Philippines. AHFI is a faith-based Christian development organisation that builds the capacity of community-based organisations and other groups, by partnering with them on Peacebuilding, Education, Livelihood and Health Promotions for poor Maguindanaon communities. The name “Al Hayat” is an Arabic term, which means “The Life”. The name expresses the organisation’s solidarity with the Muslim people of Mindanao, particularly the Maguindanaon. AHFI vision is empowered Maguindanaon communities significantly contributing towards peace and sustainable development in Mindanao.

AHFI operates in marginalised communities of Maguindanao. AHFI believes that the promotion of peace, a social determinant, is integral to assisting the health and well-being of the Maguindanaon people. As such, they have developed programme to assist in this.

AHFI has three on-going areas of work:

  • Radyo Gandingan (RG): RG, supported by Health Communication Resources, is a peace building community-based radio program that provides a venue for information, education and advocacy, social learning, dialogue and capacity building among Maguindanaon grassroots communities through participatory radio.
  • Cotabato Student and Training Center (CSTC): The Cotabato Student and Training Center provides assistance to Maguindanaon students and professionals through library facilities, information technology and youth leadership trainings.
  • Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTBMLE): AHFI in partnership with the Department of Education helps the latter in the advocacy and implementation of MTBMLE by consultancy and training their teachers in the Maguindanaon language development and materials productions.

Last updated: December 2015