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Thematic areas

Culture, media & advocacy
Human rights
Peace education

Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) engages in peace education through community peace dialogues and training young people, women and community leaders in the skills and knowledge of peaceful resolution mechanisms. CEPO's goal is to strengthen and promote the capacity and capability of society in peacebuilding, security reform, cultures of human rights, protection, democratic principles and livelihoods.


Major achievements

CEPO’s livelihoods programme, which was implemented in Terekeka County of Central Equatoria State, helped the community of Gemeiza to form a cooperative association.

The community peace dialogues that CEPO organised in Lakes State has created a space of openness between the citizens and Lakes State government authorities. This has led to a follow up from the Ministry of Local Government to CEPO about their work.

The lobby and advocacy campaigns implemented by CEPO in 2012–13 helped convince the Central Equatoria State Legislative Assembly to support enacting laws to protect girls.


Last updated: February 2015