Freedom House (Nations in Transit reports): tracks democratic developments and setbacks of 29 countries in the former Communist states of Europe and Eurasia.

Balkan Investigative Reporting Network: News on latest training, publication and debates. BIRN also publishes Balkan Insight and has produced a documentary “Kosovo: Does anyone have a plan?” exploring different perceptions on the future for Kosovo.

ReliefWeb: Up-to-date information on the humanitarian situation in the region through the online vehicle of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Swisspeace: Conflict reports from the peace research institute, Swisspeace (until 2007).

Reuters AlertNet: Country Profiles: Statistics, humanitarian, economical, political, and historical information.

BBC Country Profiles:  – A wealth of background information and insightful overview of the political and socioeconomic landscape of Kosovo. Also noteworthy is the timeline feature.

Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre on former Yugoslav states: Analysis and reports from an international body monitoring conflict-induced internal displacement.

International Crisis Group: Country profiles and updates.

University of Essex, Children and Armed Conflict Unit: Country profiles: with extensive lists of links to conflict related institutions and publications.


CARE country profile and projects in Kosovo

Reuters AlertNet: Kosovo Future: Background statistics and breaking news –Navigate through the extensive categorised sections for a comprehensive overview. Includes timelines, statistics and a ‘who works where’ database of local and international NGOs.

BBC Kosovo Facts: A range of articles and interactive profiles (up to 2001) with a special section on the NATO intervention.

CDA – Has peacebuilding made a difference in Kosovo? (pdf): A study of the effectiveness of peacebuilding in preventing violence, based on the March 2004 riots in Kosovo.

European Stability Initiatives reports on Kosovo: In-depth analysis from this non-profit research and policy institute on the issues involved in promoting stability and prosperity.

Human Rights Watch on Serbia (World Report 2011): An extensive overview of human rights (and other related) issues in the area.

Kai Eide’s report on Standards in Kosovo (pdf): A 2005 UN-commissioned report on the future of Kosovo written by a Norwegian diplomat.

Kosova Women’s Network: A network of women’s groups and organisations from across Kosovo that advocates on behalf of women at local, regional, and international level.

Kosovan Nansen Dialogue: a non-profit organisation which aims to contribute to reconciliation and peacebuilding through inter-ethnic dialogue.

Kosovo Force (KFOR): the NATO-led Kosovo Force which currently has approximately 8,500 troops in the region to guarantee security and stability.

OSCE Mission in Kosovo: The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe is mandated with promoting human rights and the rule of law in the region.

UNDP Kosovo Early Warning System (EWS): The EWS relies on continuous opinion poll surveys in order to provide stakeholders in Kosovo with a systematic and complex conflict monitoring system.

United Nations Interim Administration Mission on Kosovo (UNMIK)

United Nations Office for the Special Envoy for Kosovo: Created in 2006 and led by UN special envoy, former Finnish President, Marti Ahtisaari.

USAID on Kosovo


CARE county profile and projects in Bosnia

Human Rights Watch on Bosnia (World Report 2011): An extensive overview of human rights (and other related) issues in the area.

UNDP Bosnia: Work of the UNDP in Bosnia

Berhof Research Center: Research on ‘Dealing with the Past and Peacebuilding in the Western Balkans’

Publications and Documents

NGO’s and Peacebuilding in Kosovo (pdf): The is working paper was published in 2003 by the Centre for Conflict Resolutions Department of Peace Studies in Bradford, UK. This paper aims to explore the definitions and applications of peace building employed by local and international NGOs in Kosovo.


Between Serb and Albanian: A History of Kosovo

Civil Resistance in Kosovo: Howard Clark (Pluto, 2000) – Mainly on non-violent struggle.

Kosovo: A Short History: Noel Malcolm (Macmillan, 1998) – Examines the historical controversies from the year dot.

Kosovo: How myths and truths started a war: Julie Mertus (University of California Press, 1999) – Explores the contrasting perceptions of Albanians and Serbs and the widening gulf between them from 1981-1990.

Kosovo: War and Revenge: Tim Judah (Yale University Press, 2000) – Mainly on the 1998-99 war.