Kulani Trust

Conflicts: Zimbabwe

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No. 616 Ezimnyama Road Plumtree Zimbabwe

Thematic areas

Children and youth
Conflict prevention and early warning
Mediation & Dialogue
Transitional justice and reconciliation

Kulani Trust is a youth oriented community based organisation that encourages youth participation in decision making processes at local and national levels in a nonviolent way.

The organisation was formed in 2010 by three youths from Plumtree after realising that youth participation in the communal public arena was not proving effective. The organisation was later registered, in 2011.

Many times young people were and are still used as instruments of violence by politicians because of their financial vulnerability.The organisation has 3 active volunteers who have been a part of it since it was formed. Now it works with a futher five part time volunteers.


Kulani conducts capacity building workshops to impart leadership skills to young people in the communities. They also do peacebuilding work through facilitating dialogue between young and older people in an attempt to close generational gaps. The members of the organisation believe that it is through misunderstandings arising from the generation gap that most local conflicts occur. At present the organisation only works in the two districts of Mangwe and Bulilima, as well as Plumtree Town.

Last updated: May 2015