The peacebuilding organisation Combatants for Peace will be taking part in a number of public events in the UK from July 24-30. The Combatants for Peace movement was started in 2005 by Palestinians who had been part of the violent struggle against the occupation and Israelis who had fought in the Israeli army. Having put down their arms, Combatants for Peace members are engaged in a non-violent struggle against the Israeli occupation and for a viable peace in the area. They are committed to using dialogue and reconciliation as a way to promote the establishment of a Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem, alongside the State of Israel.

Events will be held in the Warrington, Coventry and London. The visit is being coordinated by Encounters, an arts group that specialises in designing and delivering tailor made participatory arts projects and interventions that inspire creativity, dialogue and exchange between people of all ages and cultures. For further information on the Combatants for Peace events, visit this page.

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