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ACBO was founded to develop youth reintegration and reconciliation activities in the wake of the violence surrounding Kenya's 1992 elections.

Amani CBO began life in 2001, founded by 15 local school leavers from different clan and ethnic backgrounds. Registered in Mount Elgon District in 2003, by the end of 2004 it had recruited 42 members and developed an organisational leadership and management structure, with the help of the National Council of Churches of Kenya and Action Aid.

Amani CBO - Empowering womrn in energy saving and safe cooking

Amani CBO was founded to develop youth reintegration and reconciliation activities in the wake of the violence surrounding the 1992 elections. It also works to address youth poverty and illiteracy, as well as on HIV/Aids issues, as part of its overall vision of a just and poverty-free Kenya.

Addressing a peace caravan before elections.

Programme areas

Amani CBO works on the following thematic areas:

  • HIV/Aids prevention
  • Environmental conservation through promoting aggro-ecology to small scale rural farmers
  • Youth and female empowerment - providing training and credit and financial opportunities
  • Peacebuilding through community dialogue and reconciliation forums and social, cultural and sporting events

Amani CBO - Engaging elders in early warning and conflict response

Currently, Amani C.B.O is in partners with Act4 change a consulting company promoting Aggro-ecology to enhance organic vegetable garden and fruit forest as part of its activities in enhancing food sustainability, production of healthy food and environmental conservation.

Sun24 solar US based NGO is also one of our partner in promoting bed rocks use in 3 stones cook stove to encourage fuel wood energy saving through working with mother union in Anglican Churches of Kenya (A.C.K) diocese in Kenya. To reduce risk of kerosene use, we are providing A2 D.lights at affordable price for the rural communities in Kenya that do not have access to electricity.

Specific activities which Amani C.B.O has participated in during recent years include:

Partnering with Change Agent for Peace International (CAPI) using the Turning The Tide (TTT) peacebuilding approach in a non-violent way to address community challenges which would bring tension and conflict among the locals. Through this project APT have been able to address the issue of opening up a maternity ward building. The building was constructed and closed by the constructor who claimed to have not been paid. The community had threatend to burn the building down. Amani CBO intervened in the case and were able to peacefully open the building.

Amani CBO has also participated in local partnership with Usalama Reforms Forum in helping to reform the police sector. They worked with a local police station through consultative forums on community safety, accountability, alternative to justice systems, and crime observatory committees.

Amani CBO - Peace dialogue for youth Boda Boda drivers

2012-2013 - a large donor-funded project, the Kenyan Civil Society Strengthening Program, which aimed to enhance youth participation in peace building initiatives, youth dialogue and reconciliation among communities. This involved community mobilisation and project awareness in 12 sub-locations, the identification of community elders and youth leads as change agents, reconciliation crusades, quarterly peace sports, games and cultural events and ‘Amani shuleni’’ peace activities.

Amani CBO has taken and adapted this strategy because of its success. The way the activities were developed and planned made it a true community peace process, which reached a large number of people. Neither young nor old were left out, with elders traditionally having a mandatory role in conflict resolution. Amani CBO facilitated the actual activities: organising food and drinks, hiring hiring public address systems and halls if needed, providing support to youth leaders and elders in bringing about change and influencing perceptions of other communities, organising peace awards and setting up the quarterly sports and cultural events

2009 to 2011 - the "Strengthening Non-State Actors in Peacebuilding and Conflict Management Project" in Western Kenya and the Rift Valley, implemented by several large donors.

2008-2009 - peace dialogues, reconciliation and public accountability discussions following the 2007 election violence, in the Western Province.

2008-2009 - dialogue and reconciliation among the Soy and Ndorobo community after intra-clan conflicts over disputed land settlements escalated in the Mount Elgon area.

A football tournament at an ACBO event.

Amani CBO - Women participating in peace dialogue

A personal story: bringing together the Soi and Ndorobo/Masopo

Amani CBO has worked hard to help ensure that my communities live in harmony. I now live without fear of the Soi clan, who we fought in the past. We are trading our products and we have even come together as clans to support our social welfare needs. Amani CBO helped us to form the 'Partners of Joy' self help group, with 20 members from the Soi and Ndorobo-Masop clans. We visit each others' homes for prayers, taking goods and contributions. Other communities have followed our lead in working together - Fred Roich Mendela, Ndorobo farmer from Chepyuk  

Activists at a peace caravan.

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