Afghan National Association for Adult Education ANAFAE

The Afghan National Association for Adult Education supports the development of adult learning centers, educational programmes in literacy, basic education as well as educating adults about health and civil society.

The Afghan National Association for Adult Education (ANAFAE) was founded in September 2005 as an umbrella organisation to foster the development of local adult education centres. The Association sees itself as a national forum for the promotion of strategies and programmes of adult education with a particular focus on literacy learning, basic education, further vocational training, and continuing civic education.

It maintains contact with decision makers and policy planners in the sector, officials in charge of Ministry education departments and programmes, tertiary level teachers and instructors, and also seeks to encourage proactive dialogue among all stakeholders in the sector, including grassroots practitioners. ANAFAE maintains close ties of cooperation with the National Literacy Centre, the Ministries of Education, Labor, and Women’s Affairs and their local structures in the provinces, as well as with Community Development Councils, especially in the northern province of Balkh. Since the end of 2007, ANAFAE is a member of the network of the Asian South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education (ASPBAE).

ANAFAE’s mission and vision

ANAFAE's main missions and its visions are as follows:

  • To support and expand provision of adult education;
  • To provide adult education multipliers with initial and ongoing training so as to improve their skills and upgrade their qualifications;
  • To foster the improvement and wider dissemination of adult education content and methods;
  • To engage national institutes of education and vocational training in dialogue around basic adult education concepts and strategies and the values and social concepts that need to be developed to ensure lifelong learning;
  • To promote networking among practitioners engaged in governmental and non-governmental institutions, especially in literacy programmes, vocational training projects, women-specific education projects, and civic initiatives, as well as education practitioners employed in the health sector and in cultural institutions;
  • To promote exchange and cooperation among the various providers of adult education and their staffs in the interest of improving adult education contents, concepts and methods; and
  • To elaborate national sector-specific strategies in order to facilitate the broader population‘s access to qualifying basic and continuing adult education that reflects the everyday life and work situations of target groups.

ANAFAE's main areas of work

The objective of ANAFAE’s work is to support and broaden the offers for adult education. In addition to implementing this aim, ANAFAE focuses on three important aspects of work:

  • Supporting and broadening the content and methods of adult education, in particular by giving training and further education to multipliers in adult education;
  • Discussing the basic concepts and strategies of adult education with the governmental education and training institutions;
  • Networking practitioners from governmental and non-governmental institutions, literacy programmes, vocational education and women education projects as well as educational practitioners from the field of health and culture to support the exchange of concepts and methods.

ANAFAE contacts political leaders and the heads of the programmes and departments in the ministries, the trainers and lecturers in colleges and involves them in active discussions with education practitioners. In doing so, they develop national educational practices and new educational strategies in this sector. 

At present, over 480 employees, the majority of whom are teachers, work in the adult education centers (16 in total), literacy programmes in rural areas as well as in both programme coordination offices in Kabul and Mazar. ANAFAE became a member of the network Asia South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education (ASPBAE) in 2007.

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