Asamblea permanente de la sociedad civil por la paz

The Asamblea is a forum for civil organisations to discuss Colombia’s peace process and to assert political influence.

Since 1998 the Asamblea has acted as a forum for various civil organisations to take part in discussions associated with Colombia’s peace process, and has provided a way for them to insert themselves onto the political agenda. The organisation is based on the principle of finding a negotiated political resolution to the conflict, and sees neutrality as a key part of its operations.

Asamblea organises and coordinates nationwide meetings of national interest, as well as contributing to civil participation by training and strengthening leadership between society’s actors.

This network promotes social involvement by giving people the chance to take part in workshops and discussions in familiar environments such as schools, universities, churches and businesses.

In its meetings, representatives of several organisations deliberate over a specific issue with the intention of finding an evidence-based proposal for government intervention. As a result of these meetings, Asamblea has created small commissions in regions across the country (such as in Antioquia, Arauca and Caquetá) where peacebuilders work despite the highly dangerous situation.

Currently, Asamblea is working on the 'National Campaign for Agreements and Humanitarian Commitment' regarding the hundreds of people kidnapped by guerilla groups during the last several years.

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