Afghanistan Watch (AW)

AW supports a peace in Afghanistan through research and advocacy in areas such as democracy and political settlement, governance, and promoting civil rights

Afghanistan Watch (AW) is an Afghan think tank devoted to innovative and forward-thinking research, advocacy and training on democracy, good governance, and civic rights and responsibilities. The organisation aims to support a culture of peace in Afghanistan through its research and advocacy programmes in areas such as democracy and political settlement, governance, and promoting civil rights; areas it views as building blocks for sustainable peace in Afghanistan. AW has also conducted research on the reconciliation and reintegration programme, which is the peacebuilding or peace settlement initiative currently underway in Afghanistan.

The organisation's activities include:

  • Written research (using literature, media sources and field research)
  • Facilitating dialogue, discussion and debate
  • Video and audio documentaries
  • Policy advocacy
  • Training in local areas.


Since 2008, Afghanistan Watch has launched a number of successful initiatives:

  • Research on Reconciliation with Taliban; Peace and Justice (with ICTJ)
  • Research training of 18 Afghan young women to do research on “Women's Political participation” (with US Embassy)
  • Since 2009, AW has published a media monitoring newsletter for a national and international audience, entitled HAQIQAT (with Netherlands Embassy)
  • AW is the Afghanistan focal point for the CICC (committee for the International Criminal Court)
  • Research on Political Grouping and voting patterns in the parliament (with Sweden Embassy)
  • Documentation of 15 major cases of massacres happened during Taliban, Mujahedeen/Civil War and the Soviet Army/Communist Regime (with EU Delegation)
  • Analyses of Afghan Media and Afghan viewpoints on negotiation with Taliban (with PRIO).

At present, AW is implementing or starting several initiatives:

  • Research series on the status of Afghanistan’s decade old Democracy from 2002 - 2012
  • Research programme on natural resources and conflict in Afghanistan
  • Documentation of major cases of massacres in different historical periods, regions and ethnic groups
  • Local governance through public participation
  • Media Monitoring, dialogue and discussion groups and media analysis
  • Viewpoints debate - a series of informed articles on issues of importance to Afghanistan.

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