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The idea to establish Center for Advocacy and Sustainable Empowerment (CASE- SALONE) was conceived by Rassie Bah, a multi valence talented woman …

Last updated: July 2018

The idea to establish Center for Advocacy and Sustainable Empowerment (CASE- SALONE) was conceived by Rassie Bah, a multi valence talented woman {Broadcaster, Musician, Film Maker, Teacher, promoter and Librarian by profession}. She is determined to make a positive and desirable change in the country with the focus and vision to join the global demand for the actualization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

CASE-SALONE has its thematic focus covering children’s affairs, youth and vulnerable women in Society. A well recognized and vibrant Civil Society Organisation (CSO) that is committed to empowering children, youth and women by helping them realise their full potentials and understand their power to overcome their challenges and influence change in Sierra Leone. CASE-SALONE is committed to increasing opportunities for the less privileged and marginalized people and also promoting peace in the society.

The establishment of Center for Advocacy and Sustainable Empowerment in Sierra Leone (CASE-SL) came about as a result of philanthropic support. That is…

  1. Supporting Orphan children and girl child education
  2. Supporting the less privileged and marginalized women
  3. Forming an advocacy women’s group in supporting children in needs etc.

Before the establishment of CASE-SL as a charitable advocacy organization, it started with the founder Madam Rassie Bah who was in a state of dilemma in receiving lot of cases from vulnerable and marginalized women and children in her communities requesting from her to come to their aid in the area of support and her colleague film maker who was seriously sick and his family doesn’t have the capability in supporting him medically, but the founder through her humanitarian support she help him by supporting him medically.  Furthermore, the founder is currently supporting two children who are vulnerable and under single parent.

The founder with the little she was having; she manages to render some philanthropic support to them though the demand of supporting the community needs was high but the resources were little. It was a tuff-time for her in supporting such amount of cases regarding orphans, the need of vulnerable women and girls etc…

Because of the issues at hand, Madam Rassie Bah think about finding a way forward in advocating for support to help those in needs, and the only way she thought of is to establish a Nonprofit Organization with the name call CASE-SL meaning Center for Advocacy and Sustainable Empowerment Sierra Leone.

The founder was able to use her inter-personal resources and skills through team building to form a working group committed to the promotion of the ideals of his initiative. Through her and her group, the lives of several young people have changed by imbibing the spirit and commitment to community development as a collective approach in enhancing the socio economic living conditions of people through making them empowered, self reliant and contributors to national development.

CASE-SL is a charitable, non-profit, non-governmental, non-political organization seeking to advocate for the rights of humanity and render services for the holistic development of people and their communities. The organization will serve as a Civil Society advocacy and Empowerment pillar with the aim of advocating for the marginalized, the vulnerable and the less privilege in communities.

CASE-SL came into existence in 2016 January 28, with the support of other young Sierra Leoneans who help bringing the organization to reality. 

The organization has a well structure committed staff and volunteers who is committed in bringing the vision of the organization to reality.

CASE-SALONE -works towards the empowering and improving the skills and innovation of children, youth and women to be change agents in the society. It also helps in skills training, job placement, self-reliance and employments. CASE – SALONE shall pay particular attention to vulnerable children and women, The Board and management shall initiate strategies to fulfill this intention.


Community conflict prevention; CASE Salone as part of its mandate in creating change in the society, engaged community stakeholders and children on the important of promoting conflict prevention in the society. A total of 115 community stakeholders and children participated in the program.

The engagement changed the life of children and stakeholders and now the community is peaceful instead of having conflict with each other.

Mediation engagement with police and community members was done peacefully and successfully. This has created a linked for community members to report minor issues to CASE Salone and solve and manage conflict within themselves.

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