Civil & Liberal Initiative for Peace (CLIP)

CLIP provides awareness and capacity building opportunities in political participation, women and youth empowerment and human rights in Afghanistan.

Civil and Liberal Initiative for Peace (CLIP) provides awareness and capacity building opportunities in different areas such as political participation, women and youth empowerment, good governance, rule of law and human rights, in Afghanistan

The organisation recognises the importance of a vibrant and viable civil society in democratic systems.  CLIP contributes in strengthening civil liberty through supporting civil society activities, improving citizens’ livelihoods, smoothing services delivery, advancing human rights, creating learning opportunities for youth, and eliminating gender disparity in all levels of society.

CLIP’s core competencies and professionalism are in the areas of civic education, community mobilization, active citizenship, democracy, good governance and institutional development. The organisation in provide technical and advisory support to local CSOs, NGOs, associations, Provincial and District Councils and help the organisation to engage with the project stakeholders in a fair and parallel manner. The organisation has extensive experience in networking, management and training provision. CLIP has a good understanding of advocacy, policymaking processes, leadership, changes and civic activism. Adhering to participatory approach during implementation phase, CLIP often works with provincial line ministries, development councils, provincial governors, provincial councilors, community elders, councils of the villages, civil society organizations (CSOs) and other Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) throughout its project management cycle.

Aligned with its goal and mission, CLIP has implemented several projects in areas of civic education, youth and women participation in the political processes and governance and service delivery. To name a few, CLIP has implemented a project named “Inclusion of Youth and Women in Political Processes”. The project was funded by the Unites States Assistance for International Development (USAID) and managed through Counterpart International’s (CPI) Initiative to Promote Afghan Civil Society (IPACS). As part of this project CLIP conducted workshops, training sessions, round-table radio discussions, and talk shows for religious scholars, elders, youth, women activists and female members of the provincial councils in Parwan and Panjshir provinces.

In addition, the organisation has implemented several projects targeting different segments of the society, including community elders and religious leaders as well as marginalised groups such as youths and women's participation in the community contribution. For example, CLIP conducted several sports events including football, volleyball and buzkashi matches in Panjshir and Parwan provinces where several thousand participants and fans benefited from CLIP’s public awareness materials aimed the importance of women and youth participation in the political processes. As result of successful completion of these projects, CLIP was granted with another follow on project with the same scope of work in the mentioned provinces.

Since its inception, CLIP has developed relationships and networks with international organisations, local CSOs, provincial governments, women activists and religious scholars. As a result, given its past experience of conducting capacity building and awareness trainings and workshops, CLIP managed to obtain the following projects. The first one was funded by the Canadian-AID, and was managed by The Asia Foundation (TAF). Two projects from CPI funded by USAID, and another one from Tawanmandi, multi-donor basket fund. From these projects, CLIP successfully completed the Canadian-AID/TAF project named “inclusion of homebound women in the political processes”; while the USAID/CPI funded projects such as “responsible citizenship”, and “importance of participation in the democratic processes” will be completed by June 2014. In terms of Tawanmandi project, it is a two year project under the title of “advocacy and awareness to decrease the practice of bad” that will complete in late 2015.

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