Hope House of Colorado

Hope House Colorado is committed to transforming the lives of teen mothers around the world.

In 1997, both co-founders began working with teen mothers in a support group setting. They were shocked to discover that there was no place for young women and their children to go and no one to turn to in difficult times. This was the beginning of the Hope House for Colorado. Its goal was to provide not only a safe, stable and loving home environment, but also to provide the tools each teen mom would need in order to become self sufficient. 'We wanted each young mom and child to know that there is no mistake too big, no past too heavy, that would make God give up on them'. 

Hope House for Colorado has established a Mentoring Program a GED Programs. It continues to explore ways to partner with other service providers in their area, and nationally, to develop 'best practices' and benchmarks for success for teen moms working to attain self sufficiency. 

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