Legal And Cultural Services for Afghan Women & Children (LCSAWC)

LCSAWC responds to the needs of Afghan women through advocacy, education, and legal services.

Legal and Cultural Services for Afghan Women and Children (LCSAWC) was established in 1974 by a committed team to responding to the legal needs of Afghan women and children within communities and civil society. The organisation strives for welfare and progress, with a focus on the empowerment of women.

The organisation is currently focused on four major thematic areas:

  1. Public awareness raising
  2. Provision of Legal consultancies and assistance
  3. Capacity building of legal/ judiciary professionals
  4. Establishment and strengthening of links between public and judiciary officials.


Human rights & violence against women

The focus of LCSAWC in human rights is on upholding women's rights and social and human rights according to Shari‘a for families and society in general.
 LCSAWC aims, on completion of each project, to have furthered peacebuilding among people by preventing and eliminating violence against women. It also runs awareness programmes, conducting workshops and human rights training in many provinces of Afghanistan.

Community mobilisation

LCSAWC is engaged in providing legal awareness services for Afghan citizens. LCSAWC is committed to mobilising a community understanding of cultures and practices that negatively affect Afghans. LCSAWC has engaged in a number of campaign groups and initiatives to eliminate BAD (the Afghan culture of exchanging girls), forced and child marriages, and Toyana (the Afghan culture of paying money for marriages).

Capacity building

In order to economically support and build the capacity of individuals, the organisation has engaged more than 400 people from different organisations in Mazar-e-Sharif and Badakhshan in capacity building projects.

Citizen participation

LCSAWC organises numerous awareness raising projects to encourage Afghan citizens to obtain registration civil cards for their National Identity Card, birth certificates, land ownership and marriage certificates, and other legal documents. LCSAWC has also created a data bank and has delivered a number of research projects to identify provinces and locations that have not obtained registration cards.

Education, gender and advocacy

The organisation has provided valuable services in education and awareness raising. LCSAWC has been implementing two UNHCR and UNIFEM/Asia Foundation projects in Kabul Province. The scope of these projects is to increase the knowledge and awareness, especially for women, of Afghan law.

Welfare services

By establishing family welfare clinics LCSAWC has provided legal consultancies and rights services for almost 18,000 women and men in Balkh and Kabul Provinces.

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