Mediothek Afghanistan

Mediothek is committed to educate people, work for a democratic and tolerant culture, and strengthen civil society to facilitate peace in Afghanistan.

Mediothek Afghanistan

Mediothek Afghanistan was founded in 1993 in Germany with the aim of strengthening education, preserving cultural heritage and promoting a peaceful future for the Afghan people. Following the Petersberg peace process in 2001, Mediothek shifted the focus of its activities on peace-building issues, media development, capacity-building programs, training and education in political and cultural issues and promotion of democratic values. Mediothek has a decentralized structure operating in community and media centers settings thus allowing provincial representatives to plan and execute their media and civic programs based on local needs and sensitivities. 

Our Vision

Establishment of a democratic, pluralistic and peaceful society, and creating breeding ground for strong, independent and vibrant media.

Our Mission

Peace building to support a democratic and peaceful future for Afghanistan and the region through education, community building, conflict transformation, and media development.

Our Goals and Objectives

  • Strengthen civil society structures and peace capacities,
  • Develop and support pluralistic media,
  • Promote democratic values and a culture of tolerance and non-violence,
  • Provide platforms for peaceful interaction and dialogue,
  • Promote community, institution and nation building.

Our Approach

The Mediothek has a decentralized structure which allows the offices in the different provinces to respond flexibly to the local needs and sensibilities. Executive Mediothek’s staff consists of locally respected personalities who ensure a high level of trustworthiness, Afghan ownership, and strong social networks in the provinces.

Mediothek Primary Focuses Are

  • Civil Society development
  • Capacity Building
  • Public information
  • Community Services
  • Rule of Law
  • Peace Building
  • Media and Press Development
  • Coordination of Afghanistan Experts
  • Various cultural activities

Major projects implemented and past achievements in brief

  • Street Children program
  • Women Peace Caravan
  • Peace Building through Media
  • Media Development,
  • Cross border and Media Initiative ( Afghanistan & Pakistan)
  • School Project for Afghan Children
  • Shelter programs & Road Construction for Refugees & IDPs
  • Rule of Law & Human Rights
  • Health Promotion for Local People (Education, well digging)
  • Civil Society & Media Networking
  • Youth Ambassadors in Afghanistan and Pakistan [Cross-Border Dialogue for Recompilation]
  • Youth National Congress [Youth Peace Dialogues’ Outcome]
  • Cross-Border Dialogue for Reconciliation
  • Eco Journalism Trainings for Afghan journalists

Regional Offices

Mediothek headquarter is in Germany, Berlin and regional offices in different provinces of Afghanistan.

1.    Mediothek Kabul Community and Media Center

2.    Mediothek Balkh Community and Media Center

3.    Mediothek Kunduz Community and Media Center

4.    Mediothek Ningarhar Community and Media Center

5.    Mediothek Khost Community and Media Center

6.    Mediothek Herat Community and Media Center

Mediothek’s Building in Balkh & Kunduz

Mediothek constructed two buildings: The Peace Center Maulana Balkhi in Mazar-e Sharif and the Community and Media Center in Kunduz. The Balkh building officially opened in the summer of 2012 and Kunduz building in the summer 2007 and they serve as open platforms for civil society and media institutions and activists, giving them an open space to learn, meet, exchange ideas, organize activities etc. The building in Balkh was generously funded by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Kunduz building funded by the Japan Embassy in Afghanistan.

Mediothek Afghanistan: 2018 Programs

Youth Ambassadors in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan

Mediothek Afghanistan aims to organize and implement a series of intensive training workshops, innovative cultural and art festivals and innovative regional conferences within the overall framework of its creative initiative of the “Youth Ambassadors in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan” as an effort to strengthen and advance the role of youths of the three countries in the topics of mediation, negotiation and leadership. These series of programs and events will be taking place in the capital cities and provinces of the three countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan in which representatives of the youth ambassadors, civil society and media activists, representatives of governmental agencies, artists, academics, cultural experts and activists from the three countries will be invited to participate.

Roundtable / Local Media Discourses

Roundtable discussions and local media discourses are among the monthly programs of the community and media centers of Mediothek’s offices across provinces in Afghanistan. The programs bring civil society and media activists together to discuss and analyze pressing local and national social, economic, political and security related issues and present practical resolutions for the challenges and issues confronting communities and citizens.

National Conferences:

Mediothek Afghanistan has been organizing regular special regional and national conferences and events on a wide range of national and regional subjects in Kabul and other provinces. With organizing these programs and events we strive to facilitate and provide an opportunity for youth, civil society and media activists as well as peace and security experts, political analysts and representatives of local government agencies to come together and participate in constructive dialogues.

Summer Academy:

This signature and rigorous program is organized on an annual basis in Kabul or a provincial capital and focuses on a pressing topic. The program brings together active journalists and media experts from across the countries for a ten-day intensive training program on a pre-selected topic, where they have a unique chance of learning from renowned experts about the selected topics such as peace-building, human rights, fighting corruption, economic development and environmental protection among others.


Training Workshops on Investigative Journalism

Mediothek Afghanistan through its community centers and media houses organizes advanced investigative journalism training workshops in Kabul and across provinces based on the needs of local journalists and invites international trainers to lead and conduct these trainings..

Afghan Media for Social Responsibility

Afghan Media for Social Responsibility are a series of regular events held by Mediothek Afghanistan with Afghan-German Development Cooperation. The meetings bring together a panel of experts from the government and public sector, civil society, development cooperation and the media, to discuss important development issues with the press.

Print and Electronic Publication

Afghanistan Emruz Online Publication:

Mediothek publication team in Kabul produces daily news and reports in two languages of Dari and Pashto. The news and reports are gathered and reported by local and provincial colleagues and published through online and offline (Nananay Afghanistan Weekly) platforms.

Similarly; the reports and analyzes are published through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Besides information provision, Mediothek publication center also publish books on matters such media, culture, society and economics.




YouTube Afghanistan Today  افغانستان امروز

Film Screening

Mediothek Afghanistan is running a series of film screenings in the course of 2018; the screening of the film “Return to Afghanistan” provides a platform for a series of discussions and dialogues on “Migration, Repatriation, Reflection and Solutions”, the discussions will be held along with the film screenings in five zones across the country.

 The discourses and the film screening “Return to Afghanistan” is made possible with the support of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung -Afghanistan (FES). The aim is to raise awareness, especially among youth, about migration and the risks associated so that people make informed and conscious decisions in the light of accurate information and awareness provided through the discourses and film screenings.

ECO Journalism

Enhancing the capacity of the journalists on producing materials of professional quality to efficiently advocate on environment and climate change issues.

It is a joint cooperation of TLO and Mediothek for training eco journalism to the 10 elected young and active Afghan journalists from different Medias.

National and International Colleagues

Mediothek has been collaborating with numerous national and international organizations such as UNAMA, UNHCR, UNDP, UNICEF, FES, GIZ, DED, ZFD, USIP, Ministries of Information and Culture, Refugees Affairs, Women Affairs, Counter Narcotics, Independent Human Rights Commission, Independent Election Commission, Provincial Councils, Peace Councils and other governmental and non-governmental institutions at the provincial level. Mediothek has implemented various cultural, social and media programs with collaboration of these institutions.

Likewise; a great number of media and social programs are also being implemented in with in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of the Federal Republic of Germany.

We would like to take the chance to express our deepest gratitude to all national and international colleagues for their sincere and continued material and non-material supports.


Mediothek Balkh




Peace Caravan


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