Mouwaten/a works to raise awareness in Tunisia about marginalised people and the need to support their rights.

Mouwaten/a - which means 'The Citizen' - is an initiative of young Tunisians who practise performance art such as graffiti, slam and murals. Its activities reflect the reality of impoverished people in Tunisia seeking to enjoy their full rights - as citizens.

The group tries to raise awareness about marginalised classes and the need to support their rights. It encourages citizens to take action in order to improve their social position and guarantee their rights. This is expressed through art murals and underground culture, and artistic resistance in general.

The group works in the streets, out of the conviction that the street is the natural place for true artistic creation, especially as a place for young people to express themselves: Mouwaten/a seeks to explore and make use of open public spaces where marginalised young people live. It also works in youth centres, and takes part in cultural events, protests, marches, conferences, and strikes across Tunisia.

The organisation works with the objective of consolidating the principles of citizenship, encouraging people to participate in public life to express their problems, and raising awareness of the importance of freedom of expression and human rights. The overall goal of all of this is to contribute to peace, by raising awareness about the importance of free expression and human rights.

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