Parténariat pour le Développement Durable (PDD - Houlda)

PDD-Houlda works to create a partnership between producers and provide support to farmers for the benefit of rural development that is free from conflict.

Parténariat pour le Développement Durable (PDD-Houlda; in English, ‘Partnership for Sustainable Development’) works to create a partnership between herders and farmers for the benefit of rural development. They promote dialogue, peace and stability to ensure development that is free from conflict.

Discussion on the prevention of land conflicts

PDD-Houlda provides training and monitoring for farmers on vegetable production as well as agricultural consultation and support. They assist in the management of shared spaces and groundwater resources, contributing to conflict prevention in the area regarding land and resource disputes.

Farmland in the region is used simultaneously to grow crops and for animals to graze. This often causes conflicts of interest followed by armed clashes between pastoralists and farmers. PDD-Houlda brings together both sides to reconcile for a peaceful coexistence. They monitor possible violations of agreements between pastoralists and farmers, and hold consultative meetings in cases of violations.

Additionally, the organisation also identifies challenges that farmers are facing and works with them to find solutions. Typically this involves teaching new farming techniques and methods that assist farmers with production. Farmers are able to share these solutions with each other, which creates a positive environment of collaboration between different producers.

PDD-Houlda involves women and supports their work

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